Bluetooth Beacons 8 Technical Knowledge Questions

2023-05-12/ By Admin

1、Can Bluetooth Beacons upload information?

Bluetooth Beacon, using one or more BLE broadcast protocols. Such as Apple's iBeacon, Google's Eddystone, Radius Network's AltBeacon. these three standards all use BLE broadcast method. Bluetooth beacons use the GATT profile to send broadcast packets on channels 37,38,39.

2、What is the principle of Bluetooth Beacon message pushing?

Bluetooth Beacon pushes information to cell phones in the coverage area. Take museum exhibit information push as an example. The museum deploys a Beacon in the corner of the exhibit, and when the visitor approaches the exhibit, the cell phone will receive the information of the exhibit from the Beacon.

3、What parameters do I need to configure for Bluetooth Beacon?

Bluetooth Beacon configuration parameters include working mode, Beacon name, UUID, Major, Minor, broadcast interval, transmitting power, password, etc.

4、Does the Bluetooth beacon need to be connected?

Bluetooth beacons do not need to be connected. Bluetooth beacons support BLE broadcast protocol. Based on Bluetooth wireless connection, it only supports broadcast packets.

5、How much distance does Bluetooth beacon broadcast?

Bluetooth 4.2 beacons can broadcast up to 70 meters. Bluetooth 5.0 beacons broadcast distance up to 100 meters.

6、What is the test software of Bluetooth beacon?

The testing software and configuration APP of Bluetooth beacons is called SKYLAB_Beacon. you can find the docking business engineer to provide SKYLAB_Beacon.

7、How to punch in the Bluetooth beacons?

Bluetooth beacons can be used for personnel attendance clocking. Bluetooth beacons work in Bluetooth slave mode. iBeacon base stations work by sending their own unique IDs to the surrounding Bluetooth hosts at intervals.

Using iBeacon beacons to do attendance check-in and clock-in application. It is based on scanning by the host and broadcasting by the slave. There is no need to establish Bluetooth connection to achieve one-way data transmission.

The app installed on the employee's cell phone scans the broadcast signal of the iBeacon device. Thus, it can realize the function of checking in and out of work and clocking in.

8、How is the internal structure of Bluetooth beacon?

SKYLAB's Bluetooth beacon is based on Nrodic chip solution. It is powered by coin cell battery or No.5 dry cell battery. The battery life is related to the internal parameter setting.