What Are The Advantages Of UWB Technology?

2023-05-16/ By Admin

GPS satellite positioning is not accurate in underground parking lots, shopping malls, high-speed railway stations and airports. Based on Bluetooth and UWB technology in indoor positioning is more accurate. Among them, UWB positioning technology is mainly used for indoor high-precision positioning. It can obtain the location information of people or objects indoors.

What is uwb technology?

UWB is a way to communicate using pulses with time interval less than 1ns. It has the advantages of strong penetration, low power consumption, good multipath resistance, high security and high positioning accuracy. uwb can also achieve higher accuracy in ranging, positioning and tracking. Therefore, UWB technology can be applied to positioning, tracking and navigation of indoor objects and people.

UWB positioning uses TDOA positioning algorithm. It performs positioning by measuring the difference in transmission delay between different base stations and mobile terminals. SKYLAB provides customers with UWB high-precision indoor positioning systems. Four positioning base stations with known coordinates are arranged indoors. Personnel carry positioning tags. the UWB system performs distance measurement and accurately calculates the position of the positioning tags through certain algorithms. At present, UWB positioning system can also provide 3D positioning function. SKYLAB UWB positioning system adopts two positioning algorithms, TDOA and AOA, to achieve the effect of 3D positioning.

SKYLAB UWB indoor positioning system has been applied in airports, exhibition halls, office buildings, warehouses, underground parking lots and prisons. the UWB system can realize real-time positioning of tag location. It can accurately record the movement trajectory of objects. Managers can conduct regular inspections of equipment points. Real-time monitoring can also provide early warning of dangerous areas. The system reminds visitors not to approach the dangerous area.

What are the advantages of UWB technology?

Compared with RFID, Bluetooth and other wireless positioning technologies, UWB (ultra-wideband) technology has the following advantages:

(1) UWB system has large capacity and fast transmission speed

The bandwidth of UWB system is above 500MHz. It has a transmission rate of more than 1 Gbps.

(2) UWB has low transmit power characteristics

The frequency bandwidth of UWB is more than 500MHz. the huge bandwidth ensures low transmit power. In short-range wireless communication applications, the UWB signal power emitted by the transmitter should be less than 1 mW. It greatly extends the battery life and ensures a longer system operating time. It is much less harmful to human radiation.

(3) UWB has high multipath resolution characteristics

UWB signals use narrow pulses with short duration. It has a strong spatial and temporal resolution. The system has a high multipath resolution. The whole system can make full use of the emitted signal energy. In addition, UWB signals have good multipath resistance and are insensitive to channel fading.

(4) Good confidentiality of UWB system

UWB transmits low power, only below 1mW. It can disperse signals over a wide range of frequencies. For general communication signals, UWB signals are similar to white noise and can be safely hidden. And the power spectral density of UWB signals is lower than that of ordinary ambient noise.

(5) UWB has strong penetration characteristics

UWB narrow pulse penetration is strong. It can help police search for fugitives within partition walls and rescue people trapped in buildings.

(6) UWB real-time positioning accuracy is high

UWB signal has the feature of ultra-wide band. the accuracy of UWB system is hundreds of times that of other systems. The distance resolution of UWB signals can reach the centimeter level.