What Are The Features Of AP/Router WiFi Module?

2023-05-18/ By Admin

WiFi modules have been widely used in the field of IoT wireless networks. Many engineers don't know how to choose AP/Router WiFi module. Next, the author of SKYLAB will introduce the working principle and functional application of AP/Router WiFi module. In addition, I will introduce the advantageous features of QCA9531 WiFi module SKW97/SKW99 to you.

WiFi module

What is the working principle of AP/Router WiFi module?

AP is a wireless access point. It is the creator of a wireless network and is the central node of the network. Generally people use a wireless router on an AP. SKYLAB can provide low power, low cost wireless AP/Router WiFi module solutions. It mainly includes AP WiFi, 3G/4G WiFi Routing, Relay WiFi, Home Gateway, WiFi Audio.

What are the functions of AP/Router WiFi module?

AP/Router WiFi module can provide wireless access service. It allows other wireless devices to access and provide data access. In AP mode, cell phones, PADs, computers and other devices can connect directly to the WiFi module. It allows easy control of user devices.

What are the applications of AP/Router WiFi module?

(1) communication interface with WiFi module including WAN and LAN)

(2) AP module with MCU, operating system

(3) The product is a USB interface such as UUSB camera

What are the advantageous features of QCA9531 AP/Router WiFi module?

You choose AP/Router WiFi module must understand the application scenario. You should understand the interface that WiFi module can provide to call. In addition, you have to consider WiFi module power supply, power consumption, communication band, transmission rate, transmission distance, etc.

SKW97/SKW99 are both AP/Router WiFi modules developed based on QCA9531 solution. They have excellent performance and dual antenna design. In 2T2R mode, SKW97/SKW99 support up to 300Mbps PHY data transmission rate. It is industrial grade design with low power consumption feature. SKW97/SKW99 support LAN port and WAN port. In addition, it supports a larger number of 3G/4G module models.

SKW97/SKW99 wifi module only needs 3.3V power supply to work properly. It supports bridge mode, AP client mode, and gateway mode. It is RoHS compliant to meet environmental requirements and meets FCC / CE / IC / RoHS certification standards.

What are the application areas of QCA9531 AP/Router WiFi module?

(1) USB WiFi camera

(2) Internet of Things

(3) WiFi AP

(4) 3G / 4G Wi-Fi router

(5) WiFi Repeater

(6) Building Automation

(7) Home Automation

(8) Smart Home Gateway

(9) Industrial Control

SKYLAB provides OpenWRT SDK technical support. You can visit the official website of SKYLAB directly if you want to learn more about the applications of WiFi modules.