The Application of Tuya WiFi Bluetooth Module in IoT Lighting

2023-05-19/ By Admin

More and more consumers are gradually accepting smart home technology. The demand for IoT smart lighting will continue to grow. Smart connected lighting, which adds wireless connectivity and networking capabilities to LED bulbs. It not only provides wireless switch function, but also allows you to adjust the brightness, color temperature via cell phone. People can even control the lights remotely while on the go.

What are the features of smart connected lighting function?

1, add wireless connectivity and networking features to LED bulbs

2, intelligent control, remote control

3、Docking to cloud platform

SKYLAB is a famous WiFi Bluetooth module manufacturer in China, and Tuya is a famous IoT development platform provider. skylab and Tuya jointly developed and launched WiFi Bluetooth combo module WG235, which supports docking to Tuya platform.

WG235 is a dual-mode Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11n chip. The chip integrates the hardware and software resources needed for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications. It can support AP and STA dual role connection. It also supports both classic Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth connectivity.

The WG235 wireless module supports PWM, I2C, UART, SPI, SDIO and IRDA. it can download and burn programs directly via UART. the WG235 supports six 32-bit high speed PWM outputs. the WG235 wireless module is ideal for high quality LED control.

SKYLAB's smart connected lighting solution based on Tuya chip

WiFi Bluetooth combo module WG235 supports docking to Tuya platform. Others include routers, cloud servers, smartphones, etc.

SKYLAB's smart connected lighting solution based on Tuya chip

The solution is built around the Tuya service platform. Design and development of intelligent control applications that meet the customer's usage scenarios. For smart connected lighting application scenarios, engineers can access Tuya WiFi Bluetooth combo module in the solution. The end product collects data through Bluetooth and docks with Tuya platform through WiFi. It enables cloud-based control of LED lights' on/off, brightness and color temperature.

WiFi Bluetooth combo module WG235 supports network protocols such as IPv4, TCP / UDP / HTTP / FTP. It can be controlled by AT command set, remote control by cloud server and cell phone application.

WiFi Bluetooth module test requirements

SKYLAB has an experienced RF team and WiFi Bluetooth hardware and software R&D team. SKYLAB can assist manufacturers to complete module testing, product functionality testing, and Tuya platform interfacing. If you have smart lighting WiFi Bluetooth module needs, you can contact SKYLAB's customer service for consultation.