What Are The UART WiFi Bluetooth Combo Modules?

2023-05-23/ By Admin

IoT smart home applications are very diverse. The product design needs to integrate different wireless connection technologies. uart WiFi Bluetooth combination module, both data collection transmissions, but also docking cloud platform remote control.

SKYLAB smart home solutions can streamline hardware structure design and reduce product cost. Customers can quickly develop embedded wireless application products. Engineers can shorten the development cycle.

What are the recommendations of SKYLAB UARTWiFi Bluetooth combo module?

SKYLAB developed and launched the small size UART WiFi Bluetooth combo module. It mainly includes LCS2028/WG235/WG238/WG236, etc. They are suitable for IoT data transmission, intelligent control and other application scenarios.

WiFi complies with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless standard, Bluetooth supports BLEV4.2/V5.0 BLE/V2.1 and EDR. The interface of WiFi part is UART, and the Bluetooth part is UART/PCM interface. The module integrates the hardware and software resources needed for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth applications. It can support both AP and STA dual role connections and both classic Bluetooth and low power Bluetooth connections.

(1)Low price WiFi Bluetooth combo module LCS2028

The combination module LCS2028 integrates single-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.1. it runs at up to 120 MHz with a 32-bit MCU and built-in 256 KB RAM. customers can quickly develop IoT applications and shorten the product development cycle.

(2)UART WiFi Bluetooth Combo Module WG235

WG235 is a small size low power WiFi Bluetooth combo module. It supports 2.4GHz single-band 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth dual-mode 5.1. WG235 supports UART-WiFi - Ethernet data transfer and serial AT command control. It supports AP and STA dual-role connectivity and both classic Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth connectivity.

WG235 can meet data collection transmission and remote control applications in IoT, smart home and other scenarios.

(3)UART WiFi Bluetooth Combo Module WG238

WG238 is a highly integrated WiFi Bluetooth combo module. The product can collect data from terminal devices through Bluetooth. It transmits the data to WiFi part through UART interface. WiFi uploads the data to the server. The user can control the terminal device's remotely through the cell phone.

(4)UART WiFi Bluetooth Combo Module WG236

WG236 is a low-power Bluetooth BLE5.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11ax module. It has rich peripherals, such as PWM, I2C, UART, SPI. it can download and burn programs directly through UART.

WG236 application areas include smart plug and socket, smart light control, industrial wireless control, smart building, sensor network, home automation, smart factory, etc.

The above serial WiFi Bluetooth combo module LCS2028, WG235, WG236, WG238 have been shipped in bulk. If you have module requirements, you can get samples for testing with SKYLAB.