What are The Bluetooth Beacon Application Scenarios?

2023-05-25/ By Admin

Bluetooth beacons are an important part of people locating systems. It is a small, low-cost wireless device. Bluetooth beacons are battery-powered and use low-power Bluetooth to broadcast.

The IoT market continues to expand in size. By 2025, there will be 80 billion devices connected to the IoT. The market demand for Bluetooth beacons will also continue to grow.

luetooth beacons have low power consumption, long standby time and do not require external power supply.

What is a Bluetooth beacon?

Bluetooth beacons are a broadcast protocol built on the low-power Bluetooth protocol. It is also a low-power Bluetooth device that has this protocol. It is compatible with the Apple ibeacon protocol. As a Beacon device, a Bluetooth beacon is usually placed in a fixed location in a room. It uses this to make continuous broadcasts to the surrounding area.

What are the features of Bluetooth beacons?

(1) Bluetooth beacons have low power consumption, long standby time and do not require external power supply.

(2) Bluetooth beacons are usually fixed on a wall or asset.

(3) Bluetooth beacons will send periodic signals continuously.

(4) Bluetooth beacons are low cost and have a maximum of one device at a distance of 2-3 m.

How does a Bluetooth beacon work?

Bluetooth beacons broadcast a packet at specific intervals. The Bluetooth host performs a scanning action. As a result, the packets broadcast by the Beacon are received at intervals. The broadcast packet contains the MAC address of the broadcasting device, which can be used for device calibration. The Bluetooth host measures the strength of the signal, i.e. the RSSI value, which can be used for distance measurement.

If the Bluetooth host has a Beacon app installed, it can turn on the corresponding action according to the received ID. For example, turn on the information of receiving broadcast, turn on the positioning distance measurement, turn on the program of pushing, etc.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth beacons?

(1) Bluetooth beacons use active positioning method, which can achieve a positioning error of 1~3 meters.

(2) Bluetooth beacon devices have the characteristics of small size and long working time.

(3) Compared with the traditional UWB/RFID solution, the positioning solution using Bluetooth beacons has lower cost.

(4) Compared with wifi positioning, Bluetooth is less interfered by the surrounding environment. Bluetooth devices have very low power consumption, high compatibility and adaptability, and universal use.

What are the application scenarios of Bluetooth beacons?

(1) Information pushing

Shopping malls can arrange Bluetooth beacons around each product area. When the customer approaches the Beacon, the cell phone will receive the current product promotion information.

(2) Location service

Bluetooth beacons can be used to locate people and assets indoors. It can be applied in convention, library, museum, hotel, airport, campus, hospital, prison and other scenarios.

(3) Attendance Punch Card

Personnel turn on their cell phone Bluetooth. He passes through the Bluetooth beacon punching device, and then he can realize attendance punching.

(4) Electronic fence

By placing Bluetooth beacons in the bicycle parking area, people can realize dynamic management of vehicles.

(5) Data statistics
Bluetooth beacons can provide on-site data statistics service for enterprises.