Application of UWB In Coal Mine Personnel Positioning

2023-05-26/ By Admin

Coal mine is a very dangerous industry. Every year, there are many fatalities in coal mines. UWB positioning system can realize underground personnel positioning.

Application of UWB in coal mine personnel positioning

Managers can grasp the position of each post operator. UWB positioning system can provide data support for emergency response.

What features does UWB positioning technology have?

(1) UWB positioning technology has the characteristics of strong penetration, strong bypass and long transmission distance. uwb technology can be applied to many complex environments.

(2) UWB has the function of RSSI signal strength indication. It can determine the distance according to RSSI signal strength.

(3) UWB has strong bypass, which avoids the problem of signal being blocked by each other between personnel.

(4) UWB devices have low power consumption, no radiation damage, safe and reliable.

What are the components of UWB personnel positioning system?

UWB system is composed of server, monitoring computer, uwb positioning tag and positioning base station, etc.

What is the working principle of UWB personnel positioning system?

The manager issues uwb work card tags to each employee. Construction workers install UWB positioning base stations under the mine. The computer in the control room installs the management positioning software.

When personnel pass through different mines, the positioning base station gets the uwb tag signal. It transmits the signal to the monitoring computer. The manager can be informed of the current personnel information and location status.

What are the functions of UWB personnel positioning system?

UWB positioning management system is a comprehensive application system that integrates personnel attendance, tracking and positioning, post-disaster first aid and daily management. The system uses special miner tracking and positioning equipment. It can automatically track the personnel entering the shaft in real time around the clock. UWB positioning system provides command basis for daily safety management of the enterprise.

(1) Personnel positioning under the coal mine

(2) Attendance management of coal mine operators

(3) Query and statistics of attendance records

(4) System query of staff's current location and historical location

(5) Large screen display of personnel positioning dynamic map

What are the coal mine UWB positioning products?

UWB anchor VDU2506.jpg
UWB positioning tags
UWB watch