How To Choose SKYLAB GPS Module?

2023-05-30/ By Admin

GPS positioning is an important technology for IoT. With the development of smart cities, there is more demand for accurate outdoor positioning technology. In this article, I will introduce the classification and characteristics of SKYLAB GPS modules.

SKYLAB GPS modules are divided into four categories according to the different applications. Single GPS module refers to the GPS module without antenna. GPS timing module supports timing function.

Antenna-integrated GPS module refers to the incorporation of ceramic antenna. It is an antenna integrated product developed based on single GPS module, and users do not need to configure antenna separately. G-mouse refers to the GPS antenna integration based on the addition of the shell.

(1) Single GPS positioning module

SKYLAB single GPS module has two series, A series single GPS module mainly includes SKG09A and SKG12A, etc. BL series single GPS module mainly includes SKG09BL and SKG12BL, etc. The biggest difference between the two series of single GPS modules is that the GPS chips are different.

The A series single GPS module adopts a dedicated high-performance architecture. It has built-in high precision TCXO and low noise amplifier. The module has ultra-high sensitivity and extremely short capture positioning time. It can meet the positioning needs of vehicle navigation, car recorder, and wearable devices.

A series GPS modules SKG09A, SKG12A are based on MT3339 chip. It has the features of low power consumption, high integration, and programmable. In addition, it supports antenna detection, time pulse, AGPS, EASY, and data logging functions.

BL series GPS modules SKG09BL, SKG12BL are developed based on MT3337 chip side. It supports configuration pin, time pulse, AGPS, and EASY functions. But it does not support programming, antenna detection and data logging.

BL series GPS module adopts advanced RF architecture and interference suppression, so it has higher performance. And it has the advantage of low cost.

(2) Antenna integrated GPS module

Antenna-integrated GPS modules mainly include SKM61, SKM81B, SKM82, SKM86 and so on. It adopts multiple package sizes to meet the upgrade and replacement of different applications. The module antenna is highly integrated, so customers can finish sample testing faster.

(3) G-mouse GPS Module

SKYLAB G-mouse GPS modules mainly include SKM51 and SKM55. This series of modules have built-in LNA and SAW filters, and have good RF performance. It combines the performance of GPS module and GPA antenna perfectly. The modules have multi-interface design, including Micro-Fit 3.0, USB, DB9, Audio Audio, JST interface.

In addition, the length of the module antenna can be customized according to the application scenario. It can meet in-vehicle positioning applications such as buses and cabs.

(4) GPS Timing Module

SKYLAB GPS timing module AT series mainly includes SKG12AT. it adopts special high performance architecture, built-in high precision TCXO and low noise amplifier. SKG12AT is developed based on MT3339 chip solution. It can meet the needs of base station, power, communication and traffic timing.

SKYLAB's GPS module can realize the functions of positioning, navigation and timing. According to the function of GPS module, GPS module is divided into three categories, including positioning GPS module, navigation GPS module and timing GPS module.

(1) Positioning GPS module

1, low-power GPS module can be used in the field of intelligent wearable devices. For example, outdoor watches, children's watches, elderly watches and pet locators, etc.

2、GPS module is applied in smart phones, tablet PCs, PNDs, DVRs, etc. that use GPS services.

3、GPS module is applied in the field of various portable devices such as industrial PDA, handheld, law enforcement instrument, etc.

4、GPS module is applied in the field of security such as network camera, street light, etc.

5、GPS module is applied in the field of vehicle positioning terminal and other equipment.

6、GPS module is applied in area measurement and distance measurement and other mapping equipment.

7、GPS module is applied in the field of unmanned aircraft. It is used for the accurate positioning of drones.

(2) Navigation GPS module

1、Car navigation such as school buses, buses, logistics vehicles, cab navigation services.

2, outdoor handheld navigation, such as power grid, base stations, geological surveys, donkeys and other navigation servers.

(3) Timing GPS module

1、Satellite synchronous timing, mostly used in electric power, finance, communication, base station synchronous timing.

2, traffic timing, mostly used for highway induced light and traffic signal accurate timing.