How To Apply Bluetooth Beacons In Asset Location Tracking?

2023-06-01/ By Admin

In recent years, the rapid development of IoT information. People's demand for indoor positioning and tracking of fixed assets is increasing. But how to manage assets and goods more efficiently in indoor closed places? Goods in the warehouse positioning tracking has become a very important link for many companies.

How to apply Bluetooth beacons in asset location tracking?

Bluetooth beacon is one of the wireless technologies in asset tracking applications. The advantages of Bluetooth beacons include low power consumption, low cost, and support for large-scale deployment. Bluetooth beacon real-time system has been widely used in warehouses and hospitals for asset location tracking.

Usually, many companies will deploy Bluetooth ibeacon indoors. system back to calculate the location of the target and the corresponding beacon. Managers can come to the real-time location tracking of equipment.

In asset management, the process of realizing the location tracking and monitoring of Bluetooth asset beacons is specified by the following flowchart:

Deploy Bluetooth gateway in indoor places

First, managers deploy Bluetooth gateways in advance in indoor monitoring places. Secondly, the managers put the Bluetooth asset beacons on the goods. In the signal coverage area, the Bluetooth gateway can then pick up the broadcast signal of the asset beacon.

The positioning system measures the RSSI value under the Bluetooth asset beacon. The Bluetooth network is transmitted to the back-end data server via WIFI. The server's built-in positioning algorithm calculates the specific location of the terminal.

2、Deploy Bluetooth asset beacons in indoor places.

(1) In the indoor signal coverage area, managers deploy Bluetooth asset beacons. Bluetooth beacons continuously broadcast signals and data packets to the surrounding area.

(2) Bluetooth asset beacons measure their RSSI values under different base stations. The system measures the specific location by the location algorithm.

According to the data, BLE beacon location service will be the fastest growing Bluetooth service. This shows that companies have discovered the benefits of positioning to their company assets.