Factory Personnel Bluetooth Positioning Solution

2022-04-07/ By Admin

Industry 4.0 and IoT upgrades bring more possibilities to smart factories. Wireless communication technology plays a key role in this. SKYLAB has launched a factory personnel positioning scheme and an asset positioning scheme based on Bluetooth technology. It can realize precise location information, real-time positioning, electronic fence and historical track query and other functions. It provides a safer and more efficient personnel positioning tracking and management solution for business owners. In this article, SKYLAB will take you to understand the Bluetooth factory personnel positioning scheme and Bluetooth personnel positioning hardware.

Factory personnel Bluetooth positioning solution introduction

The Bluetooth solution uses advanced software and hardware. Including positioning calculation engine, Bluetooth gateway, Bluetooth tags (Bluetooth work card, Bluetooth watch, Bluetooth beacon Beacon), etc. This solution can meet the indoor location service requirements of enterprise IoT meter-level positioning accuracy.

Lay out Bluetooth gateways in factories and equip workers with Bluetooth badges or Bluetooth watches. The distance is estimated by measuring the signal strength of the Bluetooth work card or Bluetooth watch received at the location of the Bluetooth gateway. The Bluetooth gateway transmits the signal data back to the server through the network. In this way, real-time positioning of personnel is realized. Not only can it have the effect of supervising work, but also pay attention to the safety of workers at all times.

Personnel positioning Bluetooth system hardware introduction

A Bluetooth gateway is an integrated Bluetooth communication module and a network communication module. Gateway devices such as Ethernet, WLAN, 4G cellular networks, etc. It is used to collect the information sent by the Bluetooth device and upload it to the background server. Therefore, the Bluetooth gateway mainly has scanning function, connection function, data transmission function and indoor positioning function.

Recommended models: VDB2605, VDB2606, VDB2603, VDB2607, VDB2610, VDB2613.

The Bluetooth beacon Beacon is based on the low-power Bluetooth broadcast protocol and is compatible with the Apple ibeacon protocol. It is usually placed in a fixed location indoors. This enables continuous broadcasting to the surroundings. But it cannot connect with any Bluetooth low energy host. All broadcast data are arranged under certain rules. In the working state, Beacon will continuously and periodically broadcast to the surrounding environment. The broadcast content includes MAC address, signal strength RSSI value, UUID and data packet content. Once the mobile phone user enters the signal coverage of the bluetooth beacon, the automatic response mechanism of the mobile phone can be formed. The function of receiving information can be realized without unnecessary manual operation of the user.

Recommended models: VG01, VG02, VG05, VDB1611, VDB1615.

The bluetooth badge is based on the badge tag developed by Nordic nRF52840 solution. The owner's personally identifiable information, such as name and number, can be broadcast. It can also be used as an indoor location badge. Positioning can be performed through a Bluetooth gateway or other Bluetooth positioning base stations.

Recommended models: VDB1608, VDB1609.

Bluetooth watch: Bluetooth watch is also called tamper-proof Bluetooth bracelet. The main control chip adopts NRF52832, the tamper-proof watch can realize ultra-low power consumption standby mode, work in iBeacon mode, and send Bluetooth data packets in the form of broadcast information.

Recommended models for Bluetooth watches: VG08, VDB1610

In conclusion

The above-mentioned Bluetooth personnel positioning hardware can be applied to the Bluetooth positioning system solution. The Bluetooth positioning solution can use our beacon scanning and forwarding tag broadcast information and its RSSI. Then use the Bluetooth gateway to collect the tag information and report it to the background server to analyze the RSSI to achieve positioning. It can achieve indoor positioning or presence detection with an accuracy of 2~3m. It is recommended for personnel positioning in nursing homes, construction sites, factories, mines, hospitals, prisons, epidemic isolation and other safety monitoring occasions.