BLE Smart Door Lock Smart Building Bluetooth Module Solution

2022-04-06/ By Admin

Building intelligence is to use computers, information communication, and other technologies to automate the power, air conditioning, lighting, access control, etc. inside the building. Improve the management efficiency of smart buildings in property management units. In this article, SKYLAB takes Bluetooth elevators and door locks as examples to illustrate how the Bluetooth module acts on building intelligence.

BLE Smart Door Lock Smart Building Bluetooth Solution

BLE smart elevator application

The BLE smart elevator application in the smart building solution can provide full life cycle management of elevators. Promote passive maintenance to predictive maintenance to ensure elevator safety. For traditional elevators, various sensors can also be installed, and the operation data of the elevator can be obtained with the help of the BLE Bluetooth module, and the hidden dangers can be predicted. Once the corresponding indicators are abnormal or reach the critical value, the system will notify the property in time. What hidden dangers exist in the elevator, and then promptly notify the technicians for maintenance.

Bluetooth door lock application

The Bluetooth door lock application in the smart building solution can be connected with the access control at a distance of about 8 meters without the interference of obstructions. Residents of smart communities, smart parks, smart office buildings, smart libraries, smart parking Staff and visitors of the field and smart campus can call the Bluetooth service through the APP on the mobile phone. Send bluetooth commands to the BLE bluetooth module built in the access control terminal to control the switch of the door lock. For traditional electronic access control, access control and visitor data can also be obtained by adding a BLE Bluetooth module.

With the characteristics of low power consumption, low latency and high stability, the BLE Bluetooth module realizes accurate data collection and real-time transmission. Effectively improve the management efficiency of intelligent buildings.

Skylab Bluetooth module

At present, SKYLAB's BLE Bluetooth module is mainly developed by Nordic nRF52832 chip solution. BLE4.2 Bluetooth module SKB369. Based on Nordic nRF52840 chip BLE5.0 Bluetooth module SKB501. BLE5.2 Bluetooth Module SKB378. In addition to the smart elevators and Bluetooth access control mentioned above, the SKYLAB BLE Bluetooth module can also be used in products such as door locks, lighting and electricity meters in smart buildings.