What Are The Applications of ESP8266 WiFi Module?

2022-04-01/ By Admin

UART WiFi modules are very popular in the IoT market. So what applications can we do with the ESP8266 WiFi module?

What Are The Applications of ESP8266 WiFi Module?

What are the working modes of the ESP8266 WiFi module?

SKYLAB launched WiFi module WG219/WG229 based on ESP8266 solution. Both support TCP/UDP/MQTT protocols and support one-key network configuration. ESP8266 WiFi module WG219/WG229 supports three working modes: STA/AP/STA+AP.

(1) STA mode: The ESP8266 WiFi module connects to the Internet through the router. The mobile phone or computer realizes the remote control of the device through the Internet.

(2) AP mode: The ESP8266 WiFi module is used as a hotspot to realize the direct communication between the mobile phone or the computer and the module. So as to realize the wireless control of local area network.

(3) STA+AP mode: the coexistence mode of the two modes, that is, seamless switching can be realized through Internet control, which is convenient for operation.

What are the functions of the ESP8266 WiFi module?

(1) ADC application: digital-to-analog, analog-to-digital application;

(2) UART serial port application: data transparent transmission, remote control;

(3) PWM application: intelligent light control;

(4) I2C application: WiFi probe, WiFi label;

(5) GPIO application: LED on and off, or on and off of relays.

What are the application scenarios of ESP8266 WiFi module?

(1) Internet of Things

(2) Network consumer equipment

(3) Measurement

(4) Building automation

(5) Home automation

(6) Smart home gateway

(7) Intelligent lighting

(8) Smart Plugs and Lights

(9) Baby Monitor

(10) Sensor Network

(11) Industrial Control

SKYLAB is optimized for data sending and receiving control for smart grid, home automation, control client applications.

At present, SKYLAB ESP8266 WiFi module WG219/WG229 has achieved mass production. Please consult SKYLAB for IoT solution design and free samples.

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