RTK Positioning Module in the Application of Internet of Vehicles

2022-03-31/ By Admin

Ordinary positioning modules can only achieve meter-level positioning accuracy and cannot meet the high-precision positioning requirements of the Internet of Vehicles. Vehicle networking fields such as T-BOX and V-BOX require high-precision positioning modules. SKYLAB cooperated with Qianxun Position to develop and launch a variety of RTK high-precision positioning modules. It can achieve stable decimeter-level positioning in complex urban environments.

RTK High Accuracy Positioning Module SKG12UR

SKG12UR integrates single-frequency RTK algorithm, and supports BDS, GPS, GLONASS systems at the same time. With the high-precision positioning service of the national Beidou enhanced network, it can achieve real-time decimeter-level positioning accuracy. 16*12 classic package, highly integrated. Adopt SMT pad, support wave soldering and reflow soldering. Compatible with pin-to-pin on mainstream GPS module hardware, greatly saving end product design time.

The single-point positioning accuracy of the SKG12UR positioning module is 2.5 meters. When used with Qianxun Walker Professional Edition, the RTK positioning accuracy is less than 20cm. It can provide high-sensitivity, high-precision, positioning and navigation solutions for vehicles.

RTK high-precision positioning module SKG12UR features

◆Support BD, GPS, GLONASS system

◆Tracking sensitivity up to: -167dBm

◆Multiple system modes: BDS/GPS; GPS/GLONASS

◆Support original observation value output

◆Working temperature can reach: -40-85℃

◆Ultra-small size: 16.0x12.2x2.4mm

◆Compliant with RoHS, FCC, CE standards

◆Get the fastest positioning time

◆Low power consumption

◆Better positioning accuracy and position effectiveness under weak signal

◆Excellent sensitivity

◆Superior quality and reliability

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Vehicle networking application of RTK positioning module SKG12UR

Integrating RTK high-precision positioning module SKG12UR into T-BOX and V-BOX requires only a serial port and certain computing power. We can complete the integration and productization of high-precision positioning capabilities in a short time. It can meet the needs of T- High-precision positioning requirements in the field of car networking such as BOX and V-BOX.

High-precision positioning application of the Internet of Vehicles. Through the use of wireless communication modules such as positioning modules, WiFi modules, and Bluetooth modules, intelligent information exchange and sharing between vehicles and people, vehicles, roads, and backgrounds can be realized. Finally, safe, comfortable, energy-saving and efficient driving is achieved.