BLE 5.0 Positioning System iBeacon Gateway Demo Kit

2023-04-27/ By Admin

Recently, SKYLAB has launched a Bluetooth/BLE5.0 positioning system development demo kit. This BLE5.0 positioning system is active-passive all-in-one. The demo kit includes 4 iBeacon VG05, 2 Bluetooth 5.0 cards VDB1608S, 1 Bluetooth 5.0 gateway VDB2603. system integrator customers can use the demo kit for indoor positioning system development.

Positioning principle of Bluetooth 5.0 positioning system

The principle of Bluetooth 5.0 positioning is shown in the figure above.

iBeacon works in broadcasting state. It broadcasts out its MAC address, power and other information. The Bluetooth work card VDB1608S collects the broadcast data of iBeacon and sends it to the Bluetooth 5.0 gateway VDB2603. It sends the data to the Bluetooth 5.0 gateway VDB2603. The Bluetooth gateway VDB2603 sends the iBeacon broadcast information to the CLE location server for decoding. The location server thus calculates the location information of the iBeacon to be displayed on the terminal.

Advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 Positioning System Demo Kit

SKYLAB's Bluetooth positioning system with integrated foreground user positioning navigation. In addition there is a background real-time location monitoring function in one.

The active-passive integrated Bluetooth positioning solution reduces the deployment of Bluetooth 5.0 gateways. This reduces the cost of Bluetooth positioning system deployment. It is a better choice for low-cost indoor positioning system.

Bluetooth 5.0 positioning system hardware products

1、Bluetooth 5.0 gateway VDB2603

VDB2603 is a Bluetooth gateway for Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth and WiFi are connected through serial port. The Bluetooth gateway can scan and collect or connect to BLE devices. vdb2603 has passed Bluetooth BQB certification.

VDB2603 Bluetooth transmit power is -20~+8dBm multi-level adjustable. Bluetooth data rate up to 2Mbps. bluetooth signal can cover 150m range. wifi compatible with IEEE802.11b/g/n standard protocol, WiFi data rate up to 150Mbps.

2、Bluetooth 5.0 work card VDB1608

VDB1608 is a master-slave Bluetooth 5.0 worker card. It can scan and collect broadcast information from iBeacon devices and forward to Bluetooth gateway VDB2603. VDB1608 signal can cover 100 meters. It can be magnetically charged.

3、Bluetooth beacon VG05

VG05 is a Bluetooth iBeacon device. t It supports magnetic quick fix installation. vG05 is compatible with ibeacon/Eddystone protocol and broadcast range up to 100 meters. Bluetooth beacon VG05 has IP67 level dust and waterproof rating.