4G Bluetooth Gateway In Parking Lot Application

2023-05-06/ By Admin

How does a Bluetooth gateway work?

The Bluetooth gateway integrates WiFi, BLE, 4G/5G and other wireless communication methods. Bluetooth probe, WiFi and Bluetooth communicate through the serial port. It can be flexibly applied to various scenarios.

The Bluetooth gateway supports broadcasting for scanning nearby Bluetooth devices. It can be used as an iBeacon to broadcast to the surroundings. The default UDP method is used to report, and the reporting period is once every second. Among them, Bluetooth supports APP for firmware upgrade. WiFi supports web firmware upgrade.

What are the characteristics of the Bluetooth gateway?

(1) Bluetooth long-distance transmission

BLE 4 devices can achieve a transmission distance of 300 meters. If both parties are in the state of BLE5, the Bluetooth gateway can extend the transmission distance to several kilometers.

(2)One-to-many data collection

The Bluetooth gateway adopts two-way communication technology and supports up to 40 devices connected at the same time. It can scan more than 300 Bluetooth broadcast packets per second. The Bluetooth gateway management platform tracks the location of Bluetooth devices within its range. It provides geographic location data in real time, enabling real-time tracking of people and assets.

(3)Easy to manage:

The Bluetooth gateway management platform can simultaneously manage and control thousands of Bluetooth gateways and terminal devices. Greatly simplifies the deployment and management of enterprise IoT.

(4) The Bluetooth gateway has enabled Bluetooth to realize remote control and routing.

Application principle of Bluetooth gateway in parking lot

The Bluetooth gateway can be connected to the Bluetooth parking lock in the parking lot. It can upload and send data, and control the lift switch of the Bluetooth parking lock. The Bluetooth gateway cloud platform realizes the application of remote opening and closing of locks. Unmanned management is realized through the Bluetooth gateway parking lot lock.

The application of the Bluetooth gateway connected to the Bluetooth parking lock is shown in the figure below:

(1) Many parking lots do not have WiFi coverage. It is recommended to use the 4G Bluetooth gateway VDB2605 in the parking lot. VDB2605 can be plugged with 4G traffic card and IoT card, and it can upload and send data through 4G network.

(2) If the parking lot can lay network cables, you can also install and deploy Bluetooth gateways that support POE. Such as Bluetooth gateway VDB2602, VDB2606. The Bluetooth gateway can be connected to the parking lot management platform through the network cable.