Top 10 Features Of MTK GPS Modules

2023-04-25/ By Admin

SKYLAB GPS modules are mostly developed based on MTK chips. The following are MTK GNSS/ GPS module features.

1、EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit)

An auxiliary GPS positioning function to speed up the positioning speed. It performs assisted positioning calculation when the number of GPS satellites and signal quality are insufficient. It improves the speed of receiving satellites and shortens the positioning time.

2、aidingEPO function

An auxiliary GPS positioning function, which can achieve faster positioning.

3、Support SBAS (Star-based Augmentation System)

ABAS includes WAAS (USA), SDCM (Russia), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), GAGAN (India). it is recommended to turn off this function in FLP/GLP mode.

4、EASY Function

An embedded fast GPS location assistance system. It has a prediction function that automatically projects and saves the predicted ephemeris information. The process requires at least 15 minutes of normal positioning. The longer the positioning time, the better the start of the next start of positioning. It can help to achieve fast positioning at the next start within a certain time (up to 72 hours). This feature is turned on by default.

5、AIC (Active Interference Canceller)

An internal multi-tone active interference attenuator. It eliminates resonant interference generated by other wireless modules on the same board. Enhances the quality of the received signal and can eliminate up to 12 independent interfering signals. This feature is turned on by default.

6、Always Locate

An intelligent cycle controller. Depending on the environment and movement state, the MTK GPS module can adaptively switch between sleep and wake-up. The GPS module can achieve a balance between positioning accuracy and power consumption.

7、Standby mode

A low power consumption (standby) mode. It can be set by command, after entering standby mode. The current consumption will drop to about 200uA and the GPS module will wake up when it receives any byte and exit standby mode.

8、Periodic mode

A periodic hibernation and operation mode.

9、Embedded Logger Function

The MTK GPS module can log latitude, longitude, UTC, validity and checksum internally without the need of external Flash or host control. It can export these recorded data via serial port.

10、FLP/GLP mode

Customer needs to customize this firmware. The power consumption of the GPS module will be significantly reduced in the general FLP mode. However, the GPS positioning accuracy will be affected to some extent. The better the satellite signal is, the lower the power consumption is.