Construction Staff Positioning Management Solution

Construction Staff Positioning Management

Indoor Navigation Solution

Parking Lot Bluetooth Positioning and Navigation Solution Applicable scenarios: underground, ground and other parking lots, car search and navigation. Monitoring technology: Bluetooth positioning. Involved hardware: ibeacon, bluetooth gateway, smart phone, etc. Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meter. Function realization: parking space marking, parking space information query, parking space reservation, indoor parking guidance, reverse car search. Judicial Prison… Continue reading Indoor Navigation Solution

Personnel Positioning Solution

Solution1: Solutions for the Isolation and Supervision of Community Household Personnel Applicable scenarios: home isolation of personnel, isolation of community personnel, large-scale isolation. Monitoring technology: real-time presence monitoring of the anti-disassembly bracelet by the 4G Bluetooth gateway. Involved hardware: anti-disassembly bracelet, 4G Bluetooth gateway, etc. Performance characteristics: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many. Function realization: multiple monitoring and… Continue reading Personnel Positioning Solution

SKYLAB, A Trusted GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth Module R&D Manufacturer

Relying on its years of research and development experience in RF radio frequency and wireless communication technology, SKYLAB has launched a series of high-performance wireless module products that meet the needs of automotive, security monitoring, Internet of Things, and industrial Internet of Things, which further enriches the GPS module in the wireless module market, Beidou… Continue reading SKYLAB, A Trusted GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth Module R&D Manufacturer

How Does SKYLAB Bluetooth Gateway Upload Data? _4.2/5.0/4G/Dual 5G Bluetooth Gateway

In order to meet the needs of data collection, data transparent transmission, data transmission and control command issuance in the intelligent control of the Internet of Things, SKYLAB has developed and launched a variety of Bluetooth that supports data transmission, remote control and indoor positioning applications based on WiFi and Bluetooth wireless communication. Gateway, the… Continue reading How Does SKYLAB Bluetooth Gateway Upload Data? _4.2/5.0/4G/Dual 5G Bluetooth Gateway

What Exactly Does A Smart Home Need?

What is Needed for a Smart Home With the in-depth application of Internet of Things technology in smart cities, more and more owners are willing to experience smart homes with a sense of technology. The biggest highlight of smart home is the effective use of information technology, and wireless smart home technology is inseparable from… Continue reading What Exactly Does A Smart Home Need?

Decryption: the Reason for Bluetooth Overtaking

Reasons for Bluetooth Overtaking The Internet of Things realizes the connection and interaction between people and things, and between things and things. Wireless communication technology has become an invisible bridge in the connection of the Internet of Things. At present, there are many wireless communication technologies for the Internet of Things, including WiFi, ZigBee and… Continue reading Decryption: the Reason for Bluetooth Overtaking