Construction Staff Positioning Management Solution

2021-06-28/ By Admin

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, more and more high-rise buildings are rising from the ground, and construction is inseparable from the hard work of construction workers. The construction period of construction projects is usually relatively long, the construction environment is complicated, and the construction site is relatively dangerous. So in the long construction process, how does the construction party guarantee the safety of the construction personnel?

As a domestic professional integrator of indoor positioning solutions, based on the powerful Bluetooth indoor positioning hardware algorithm and UWB indoor positioning base station algorithm, the "Building Construction Staff Positioning Management System" is launched, which can realize "personnel real-time positioning, movement track query, one-key emergency help , Data statistical analysis, electronic fence warning" and many other rich functions. SKYLAB construction site personnel positioning management system has accurate algorithms, rich base station tags and other hardware products, and it is easy to integrate.

The construction personnel positioning management system can realize the functions:

(1) Real-time location monitoring and management of construction workers on construction sites

Deploying the "Building Construction Staff Positioning Management System" on the construction site can view the real-time location of construction staff at any time in the background, as well as the staff distribution, staff dynamics, number of personnel, and who are in the area. You can also query the historical distribution of personnel, which is convenient The management personnel should keep abreast of relevant information in time to ensure personnel safety.

(2) Query of historical movement tracks of construction personnel

The system automatically records personnel’s historical activity trajectory, and enters personnel information to view the historical activity trajectory, walking route, time of arrival and departure, time in and out of a certain area, length of stay in a certain area and other data by entering personnel information, which is convenient for supervision and management. Improve work efficiency and optimize work flow.

(3) Electronic fence, dangerous intelligent warning

The electronic fence system is one of the important functions of SKYLAB"building construction personnel positioning management system". By setting up electronic fences in the dangerous area, this area is divided separately. If personnel approach the area or enter the area without authorization, stay overtime or stand still for a long time, the system will issue an early warning message and give real-time early warning to remind the construction management personnel to pay attention to the safety of the construction personnel. As shown in the figure below, you can add an electronic fence in the background of the UWB personnel positioning management system to check in real time whether there is a construction worker crossing the electronic fence.

(4) Dynamic roll call-data statistics and intelligent attendance in the positioning area

By recording the location information and historical trajectory of construction personnel, it is possible to comprehensively count the total number of people online, dynamic distribution, view personnel's on-duty/off-post time, working hours and other data, and view the data information of all construction personnel within a specified time. Perform comprehensive and intuitive data display and analysis. It is convenient for management personnel to perform statistics and realize the intelligent attendance of construction personnel.

(5) One-click alarm for help in critical situations

The smart positioning tag hardware developed by Shenzhen Weineng Information (95power), such as UWB (anti-dismantling) bracelets, industrial tags (UWB version and Bluetooth version), etc., have an integrated one-key alarm button. Once the construction personnel encounter danger or need assistance, press the one-key alarm button to notify the management personnel to come for rescue. The management personnel can rescue according to the help location, improve the efficiency of safety rescue, prevent the situation from deteriorating, and ensure the safety of construction personnel .

(6) Emergency rescue for emergencies

When an accident occurs, the construction management personnel can provide an important basis for emergency rescue according to the location and behavior trajectory of the construction personnel located by the system, and improve the efficiency of emergency rescue.

(7) On-site display of LED large screen

By placing a large LED display screen in the construction area, you can customize the relevant data that needs to be displayed. For example, information such as the total number of construction personnel in the construction area, the number of various types of construction personnel, the number of construction personnel distributed in each region, and so on, help construction personnel to manage and operate digitally.