Indoor Navigation Solution

2021-06-28/ By Admin

Parking Lot Bluetooth Positioning and Navigation Solution

  • Applicable scenarios: underground, ground and other parking lots, car search and navigation.
  • Monitoring technology: Bluetooth positioning.
  • Involved hardware: ibeacon, bluetooth gateway, smart phone, etc.
  • Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meter.
  • Function realization: parking space marking, parking space information query, parking space reservation, indoor parking guidance, reverse car search.

Judicial Prison Staff Positioning Program

  • Applicable scenarios: prisons, justice, detention centers, etc.
  • Positioning technology: UWB positioning.
  • Involved hardware: tamper-evident bracelet, UWB base station, etc.
  • Positioning accuracy: 10 cm-30 cm.
  • Function realization: real-time positioning of personnel, setting of electronic fences, gathering of people to alarm, dynamic roll call, historical movement track playback, etc.

Smart Business Precision Marketing Plan

  • Applicable scenarios: large supermarkets, CBD shopping malls, etc.
  • Positioning technology: Bluetooth positioning.
  • Involved hardware: ibeacon, Bluetooth bracelet, Bluetooth gateway, etc.
  • Positioning accuracy: 3-5 meters.
  • Function realization: analysis of consumers' behavior trajectory, scope of activities, consumption preferences, etc.; analysis of customer flow for supermarket management, analysis of consumer activity hot spots, etc.