SKYLAB, A Trusted GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth Module R&D Manufacturer

2021-06-16/ By Admin

Relying on its years of research and development experience in RF radio frequency and wireless communication technology, SKYLAB has launched a series of high-performance wireless module products that meet the needs of automotive, security monitoring, Internet of Things, and industrial Internet of Things, which further enriches the GPS module in the wireless module market, Beidou module, WiFi module, Bluetooth module product line, these high-performance wireless modules can quickly access customer program applications, simplify customer design, shorten the product development cycle, and become a reliable and well-known wireless module R&D manufacturer in the industry.

Why SKYLAB is trustworthy

  • High-performance solutions: joint MTK, Qualcomm, Realtek, Nordic and other well-known chip manufacturers to develop and launch high-quality wireless module products and solutions;
  • Software and hardware technical support: own R&D team, product design includes signal gain compensation design, temperature compensation design, ESD/EMI protection design, software protocol support, solution design support, etc., with stronger product compatibility;
  • Quality level craftsmanship: automotive grade, industrial grade, RoHS lead-free environmental protection craft;
  • Quality system certification: ISO-9001 quality management system, IATF16949 automotive industry quality standard system, German TUV South German certification, product-level SRRC, FCC, CE, IC and other certifications;
  • Spot supply, guaranteed delivery: it can meet the sample supply and batch supply testing at each stage of research and development, healthy supply chain management, and continuous product supply is guaranteed;
  • Full-service support: With a professional sales team, senior FAE, and R&D team, they can assist wireless module selection and software function debugging throughout the process, shorten the R&D cycle, and accelerate the implementation of solutions and the pace of product launches;
  • High-cost performance: Constantly optimize the cost control plan, and provide the best cost-effective module products in real-time.

The GPS module, Beidou module, inertial navigation module, RTK high-precision positioning module, Beidou No. 3 positioning module, dual-frequency positioning module, GNSS timing module, GNSS antenna integrated module, GNSS G-mouse, serial WiFi module developed by SKYLAB , Wireless router WiFi module, USB interface WiFi module, high-power WiFi module, BLE4.2 Bluetooth module, BLE5.0 Bluetooth module have been supplied in batches, and each product line also has different packages, specifications and models, which can meet the different fields of the Internet of Things Positioning and wireless connection, wireless transmission requirements.