3C Show Machine Anti-Lost Alarm UWB Ranging Solution

2022-07-13/ By Admin

The Current Problems of The Anti-lost Device of 3C Store Display Machine

For the 3C products sold in many shopping malls on the market (such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.), merchants will show prototypes to customers. In order to prevent loss, an electronic anti-theft cord will be pasted on the back of the prototype because the cable length is limited and the range of movement is limited. , There is no way to demonstrate the functionality of the mobile phone in many ways, resulting in a bad user experience in purchasing the phone, and a false alarm occurred for a long time.

In order to optimize the user experience, based on customer needs, we launched a wireless 3C store display anti-lost alarm solution based on UWB technology and UWB ranging module, bid farewell to the limitation of the anti-theft line's range of activities, more space, and more angle improvements User purchase experience.

The Hardware Composition of Display Machine Anti-lost Alarm UWB Ranging Solution

The 3C store display machine anti-lost alarm solution is mainly composed of the following hardware:

  • 3C product display base-side host device with built-in UWB ranging module, Bluetooth module, and alarm module;
  • Product-side labeling device with built-in UWB ranging module and 3C product closely connected;
  • Service-Terminal;
  • Remote control.

Anti-lost Alarm UWB Solution Ranging Construction

As shown in the figure below, there is a UWB module on the product side (such as a mobile phone) and the base side, and the host device on the base side is fixedly installed, and its UWB module is bound to the UWB module inside the label on the mobile phone one-to-one, and set Good early warning distance and alarm distance, if the distance exceeds the set distance, it will alarm. The background server will record data in real time. When the alarm mechanism is accidentally touched, the alarm state can be released by the remote control.


UWB Ranging Algorithm Involved in The Plan

This solution is essentially an application of high-precision UWB ranging, and the TWR ranging algorithm adopted is shown in the following figure:


Ranging formula: distance between UWB modules = TOF (signal time of flight) * speed of light.

Internal Modules of Product Side Label and Base Side Label

Through the UWB signal flying time between the two UWB modules, the TWR ranging algorithm is used to calculate the distance between the product and the base. If it exceeds the set distance, an early warning and alarm message will be generated. Since the TWR algorithm uses UWB signal flight time to calculate the distance, the accuracy can reach less than 0.5 meters. Compared with Bluetooth technology, the accuracy of calculating the distance (3-5 meters) through RSSI (received signal strength) technology is greatly improved.

In addition, the Bluetooth module on the base side can send the calculated distance to the back-end server, and the back-end server can judge the number of times the product has been picked up based on the distance between the product and the base, and the time of each product experience to analyze the customer The degree of interest in different products.

Hardware aspect: The size of the label device on the product side is only 162714 (mm), sticking to the mobile phone will not affect the experience, and the host device on the base side can be customized according to the actual needs of customers;

Software: The data communication format, protocol and sound and light control with the back-end server can be defined according to customer needs.

Advantages of The Display Machine Anti-Lost Alarm Solution

  • The label device on the product side and the host device on the base side support binding to achieve one-to-one precise ranging;
  • Range accuracy can reach 0.5 meters;
  • Both the product-side labeling device and the base-side host device are battery-powered, and the standby time is ≥10 hours;
  • Support type-c fast charging mobile phone holder charging to solve the problem of mobile phone power supply;
  • Support four working modes: charging, normal, early warning, and alarm;
  • Support early warning and alarm functions, and the alarm state can be released through the remote control;
  • The product-side labeling device supports the dismantling alarm function, and when the store advocates product replacement, it can be replaced in time;
  • Record data in real time to provide accurate data support for store marketing activities.

UWB Module Product Recommendation

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