Which GPS Pet Tracker Product is Recommended?

2022-07-11/ By Admin

Why do People Need GPS Pet Trackers?

According to the statistics of the World Pet Association, the number of pets lost every year in the world is far more than 10,000,000. The number of pets lost every day is about 30,000, and there are cases of pets being lost every minute and every second.

How to fundamentally solve the problem of lost pets and help pet owners find their pets faster and more conveniently has become the focus of people's long-term attention.

Fortunately, SKYLAB GPS positioning technology can now help people. If your pet is missing, Pet Tracker can help you with all your lost pet issues and notify you of your pet's whereabouts.

How Does a Pet GPS Locator Work?

How GPS pet trackers work is simple. It contains a GPS chip inside, which can pick up the signals emitted by GPS satellites. These GPS satellites circle the Earth, determining in real time where pets were lost. Pet GPS Locator helps pet owners find their pets anytime, anywhere.

Usually, computer management platforms and mobile APPs are used to display the location of pets. A GPS-enabled chip is installed on the dog collar that can monitor your pet at all times by providing you with updates.

What are The Benefits of Pet GPS Trackers?

GPS pet trackers are getting lighter and smaller. This means your pet will feel relaxed after wearing the device, and it won't be peeled off for your peace of mind.

When the pet is out of the safe range, many pet positioning devices will send an alarm message to remind the owner to pay attention. The ability to set up an electronic fence safe area lets you know when your pet has escaped from the safe area. So you can take action before your pet gets too far.

With a GPS locator, owners can monitor their pet's activities for extended periods of time. SKYLAB's GPS positioning management system can view the pet's movement trajectory in the recent time period through the function of historical trajectory playback.

What are The Recommendations for SKYLAB's GPS Pet Trackers?

1.GPS Mini Pet Tracking Device Dog Training F206

F206 is a 4G GPS pet dog tracker, which can be used for daily dog training and dog activity monitoring. F206 GPS tracker can track and locate pet dogs in real time to prevent dogs from being lost, and can also monitor dogs' sleep, heartbeat and other health conditions.

The features of GPS pet tracker F206 are as follows:

◆Dog training function

◆4G GPS Pet Activity Monitor

◆Real-time Tracking When Sleep

◆Heartbeat to measure the dog’s condition or level of stress

◆Counting the steps of a dog and measure the distance it walks

◆Blind Zone Supplementary Report

◆Platform mode query positioning

◆Historical track

◆Geo-fencesos/ displacement / low battery alarm GPS + LBS positioning

2.GPS Dog Tracking Device F207

F207 is a real-time 4G GPS pet dog tracker. Based on LTE/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, it can locate or monitor remote targets through short message or mutual contact. It uses the most advanced GPS and AGPS dual positioning, with IPX-68 waterproof level. This is a portable new pet tracker and activity monitoring 4G GPS locator specially designed for individuals and pets.

The features of GPS pet tracker F207 are as follows:

◆Dog Training Function

◆4G GPS Pet Activity Monitor

◆Real-time tracking when Sleep

◆Heartbeat to measure the dog’s condition or level of stress

◆Counting the steps of a dog and measure the distance it walks

◆Blind Zone Supplementary Report

◆Platform mode query positioning

◆Historical track


◆Displacement / low battery alarm

◆GPS + LBS positioning

To learn about pet trackers F206 and F207, visit the SKYLAB website.