Which is better Wireless Bluetooth module SPI or WiFi module?

2021-11-24/ By Admin

Wireless Bluetooth module SPI: how this technology can benefit your events?

Have you ever heard about a Wireless Bluetooth module SPI and not sure what it is? Below, we'll explain what it is and how it can add value to your event in different ways.

What is a Wireless Bluetooth module SPI?

The term first came up with the launch of Bluetooth module technology by Apple in 2013. The name “Bluetooth module” is given to a transmitter device that identifies and locates nearby devices via Bluetooth — ideal for indoors, being able to locate smartphones with greater precision than a GPS system, for example.

Wireless Bluetooth module SPI is software that allows these transmitters to alert a website or an app whenever a device approaches their location. Thus, this technology becomes an excellent ally for events thanks to its ability to send personalized notifications to attendees who are close to a Bluetooth module.

How can I use Bluetooth module at events?

There are companies that develop custom apps for events and support the use of Bluetooth modules for greater interactivity. People who download the app and have Bluetooth turned on will receive messages sent by the transmitters.

That's why Bluetooth modules are a great way to engage attendees in an event, using many different strategies. Understand:

Wireless Bluetooth module SPI gamification

Gamification is a well-known technique for enriching users' experience in various contexts. At events, guests can receive questions, suggestions and information from Wireless Bluetooth module SPI according to their location.

Wireless Bluetooth module SPI

Thus, it is possible to use Bluetooth modules to encourage participants to visit various event locations, generating rewards and even creating competitions — like this treasure hunt held at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2014, for example.

Wireless Bluetooth module SPI Real-time information

We already know that a Bluetooth module is use to deliver valuable information to participants. Thus, in events such as congresses, seminars and conferences, a good use of technology is to send notifications in real time, such as: informing that a lecture will start soon, informing program changes, among others.

This is a way to ensure that people enjoy the event to the fullest and is also a good help in organizing the event staff.

Adverts of Wireless Bluetooth module SPI

When people receive information directly on their smartphones, they are subject to offers. Wireless Bluetooth module SPI can play a key role in this strategy by use to advertise products or services available at the event, based on the participant's location. In addition, it is also interesting for event sponsors to promote marketing and branding actions.


Another important use of Bluetooth modules is for larger events. A good distribution of transmitters in the space, combined with a map of the event, facilitates the orientation of participants and notifications can serve to send directions to the main attractions of the event or to inform what is available nearby.

However, this utility is not restricted to guests only: the producer can receive information from areas with a high volume of people and reallocate resources to meet demands with more assertiveness.  

Opportunities of Wireless Bluetooth module SPI

The more we think about it, the more opportunities to use Wireless Bluetooth module SPI come to mind. The tool, if carefully crafted, can greatly enrich your guests' experience at events. However, it is important that the strategy is well planned so that notifications do not become a nuisance and cause the participant to withdraw iBluetooth module permissions.

New to the digital world, bluetooth modules are small wireless devices armed with low-power Bluetooth technology. With several possibilities for exploration, bluetooth modules also offer gains for the industry, and that's what we'll talk about next.

Read on and learn all about this trend in data communication and transmission.

What are Wireless Bluetooth module SPI?

Simply put, we can say that bluetooth modules are like a GPS for indoors.

Because of geolocation and the Internet of Things (IoT), they are available in different formats and can be statically applied to machinery and the enterprise's infrastructure or as tags on badges, mobile equipment and products, depending on the objective pursued with their use. of technology.

When activated, the Wireless Bluetooth module SPI transmits a radio signal composed of a combination of letters and numbers sent at short, regular intervals. A Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone, gateway, or hotspot can identify the signal and receive information from the bluetooth module, making location-based search and interaction easier and more accurate.

But what is the application of the bluetooth module in practice?

A sea of ​​possibilities surrounds bluetooth module technology, including retail marketing, sports, tourism, healthcare, logistics, construction and events. See some examples:

Boost sales with proximity marketing

You can pair bluetooth modules with mobile devices to deliver highly personalized location-based ads.

Improve customer experience

The Wireless Bluetooth module SPI can gather data from clients that will help you create experiences better and more customized based on consumer behavior.

Serial Bluetooth module 2021


Imagine a museum armed with bluetooth modules. As soon as a visitor approaches, he can receive directly on his cell phone information about the artwork he is viewing.

Reinstall Wireless Bluetooth module SPI Drivers Manually

If reinstalling the Bluetooth driver over the internet does not work, you can opt for manual reinstallation. In this case you will have to identify the adapter model and enter the manufacturer's website to download the necessary packages.

If the Bluetooth driver is an executable file (.exe), do the following:

  1. Open the executable file;
  2. Follow the installation process to the end;
  3. Restart Windows 10.

That simple.

If you have downloaded a bundle of miscellaneous files, do the following:

  1. “Device Manager” in the Windows search area and click on the option that appears;
  2. Click on “Wireless Bluetooth module” and then right-click on the computer's Bluetooth adapter;
  3.  “Update Driver”;
  4. “Browse my computer for driver software”, “Browse”, select the location where the files are and click “OK”;

How to exploit Wireless Bluetooth module SPI module technology?

The Bluetooth modules could be the great exit for the industry to walk in the 4.0 concepts. When applied in the manufacturing plant and in mobile equipment (forklifts, trolleys or trucks that travel internally), it is possible to obtain precious information on how movement takes place within the factory to identify failures in internal logistics.


Tags can also be attached to employees so that the manager can have important data to optimize staff management, understanding which areas are most in demand for labor, where there are production bottlenecks and how to improve the industrial layout to streamline processes and lower costs.