9 Uses of Electronic module Bluetooth in 2021

2021-11-24/ By Admin

What is an Electronic module Bluetooth?

People most interested in technology have certainly heard about Electronic module Bluetooth, but many people still don't know what it is and have no idea how it can improve — a lot — customer relationship marketing, in addition to strengthening the company's image.

Directly, we will show what it is and present some benefits of using this proximity system in your establishment. However, if you are a business owner or manager of a business, follow our article and find out how much all this is interesting for your brand.

Technology at the service of your company through the module Bluetooth

The module Bluetooth is a geo-location system. It works indoors, that is, it is perfect for stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, among other establishments. Also, Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, it identifies the customer who is inside a physical environment.

Through devices install in strategic locations, it transmits information to the customer's smartphone or tablet, if the device is Electronic module Bluetooth enabled and has the merchant's app install.

Electronic module Bluetooth

Electronic module Bluetooth automatically receive all information

This way, it is possible to send promotions, interesting tips and data about the brand. For example: if a person is looking at a shop window that has the Electronic module Bluetooth installed, he will automatically receive all the information regarding what is display.

In the hotel sector, it is interesting to send tips and tour schedules, as well as the restaurant's menu to guests. Moreover, in hospitals, on the other hand, all patient information is quickly available to approaching professionals.

The advantages of Electronic module Bluetooth

The Electronic module Bluetooth, in perfect working order, has numerous benefits. Moreover, We will list some of them. Check out:

stronger brand

Your company starts to consolidate and stand out among competitors. People start to recognize the establishment and are more willing to do business with you.

personalize relationship marketing

As the person's entire history and interests are register in the system, it is easier to customize the service and send relevant information to your customer.

Electronic module Bluetooth Efficient administrative management

With the Electronic module Bluetooth, it is easier to understand the movement of employees within the physical space and how they can better collaborate with the company's operation.

Credible information

Tips and messages are more consistent when they are given from your company directly to the customer. Also, People start to trust the information received more.

Customer convenience

While the approach is necessary, the customer is more comfortable looking on their own and receiving the necessary information on their device. The employee around to assist you.

The influence of the Electronic module Bluetooth on relationship marketing

The Electronic module Bluetooth has a great influence on strengthening your company's relationship marketing, as people tend to be interested in enterprises that invest in innovation and technology. This retains the customer and ensures the establishment's success.

The system is extremely important, especially for businesses that need to be in constant contact with the customer, passing on information always. Moreover, Deploying the module Bluetooth is an investment that will bring people to you and make your business rise.

Electronic module Bluetooth advantage of consuming less power

So, if that's exactly what you're looking for — a tool that strengthens your relationship marketing, builds customer loyalty, and allows for a wider audience reach — then you're on the right path. The module Bluetooth will help you through all of this. Believe!

BLE has the advantage of consuming less power from the device than ordinary Electronic module Bluetooth. Furthermore, as the emitted waves are radio, the range and penetration in structures such as concrete is much greater.

Electronic module Bluetooth works as a signal emitter

So, the Module Bluetooth works as a signal emitter, and the smartphone as a receiver. The receiver, in turn, can just keep the information that the connection occurred, or can initiate some action on the user's device. However, these actions simple, like sending notifications of promotions, or more complex, like checking in on social networks.

But for that to happen, the Module Bluetooth cannot work alone. Also, the smartphone user must have downloaded an app from the establishment and that the Bluetooth is turned on.

Electronic module Bluetooth transmits the location to the app

Once the requirements are met, the Module Bluetooth transmits the location to the app, which checks if there is any predetermined action for your location. However, If there is, the user will receive an alert with a promotion, a discount coupon, among several other actions that would improve their experience at the establishment.

Electronic module Bluetooth 2021

For example, you enter a restaurant and sit at one of the tables. The Electronic module can identify the place you are and send you a menu through an app. So you could place your order directly from your Smartphone, whether for a meal or a drink, without having to call the waiter. And it doesn't stop there, it would also be possible to pay your bill directly through the app using Module Bluetooth.

Some possible uses off Electronic module Bluetooth:

1 – Module Bluetooth in the retail industry:

Walmart recently updated their app, adding the module Electronic module Bluetooth feature.

2 – Electronic module Bluetooth Hotel industry:

Offer newspapers in digital format to hotel guests at breakfast time or in another opportune situation;

3 – Module Bluetooth Education:

Recently, a university in the south of the country implemented a student attendance system using Module Bluetooth.

The innovative solution provided a new experience for students and teachers. With an application that provides grades and subjects, it is possible to identify which room the student is in and how long they stay.

The pilot project was common only for computer science classes, but there are already signs that it is easy to use by the entire university.

5 – Electronic module Bluetooth Hospital industry:

The Electronic module Bluetooth has presented several solutions for the hospital environment, but what has stood out the most is the replacement of the traditional clipboard with the patient's medical record. The University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland was the pioneer.

Each patient's information and record are assigned to a module Bluetooth, so each hospital room has a module Bluetooth.

During the day, when doctors and nurses make the routine visit, using an application, they quickly and efficiently receive the medical record of each patient. In this way, they can know which medicine must be applied and which procedures must be performe.

6 – Electronic module Bluetooth Entertainment industry:

When passing by a cinema, customers could receive information about the films that are on display;

In nightclubs, patrons could receive the schedule of the day when they pass in front of the establishment, or even receive promotions from the bar when they are at the event.

7 – Tourism:

At a train station, passengers could receive information about all delays, boarding points and stations related to a specific line; The concept of smart cities is not new, but it has become popular with the rise of the module Bluetooth.

Several cities have enhanced the tourist experience by creating a network of module Electronic module Bluetooth, position at all tourist attractions. In this way, visitors receive real-time information related to their location.

8 – Electronic module Bluetooth Business:

Improve Networking at conferences and other events by providing information about the activities to be carry out;

It is the new practice for sharing business cards and has become popular in entrepreneurship and technology events.

9 – Real estate:

Promote an apartment or house that is free to rent or buy;

Imagine what a new experience it would be like to search for rental properties and be alerted by an app when you are near one.

This is possible. Mapping properties available for rental is what is being done by several real estate agencies in some countries in Europe.

Providing a new experience has been the solution to escape the traditional and tedious way of looking for a new property.


How many times have you forgotten where in your house you left your keys? Because this problem is over. With a module Electronic module Bluetooth attached to your keys you can easily locate them. The app shows how far the module Bluetooth is from your mobile.