How many types of High Quality micro Bluetooth modules are there?

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How to Use Smart High-Quality micro Bluetooth module?

If there is a common denominator in the market today, its name is High Quality micro Bluetooth module. Those who research, develop or produce are looking for information to innovate processes and products. Those who sell know that it is the key to the efficiency of sales strategies.

On the other hand, those who consume it are also looking for knowledge so as not to waste time with what is not in their interest.

This information is really the great asset of those seeking the best business opportunities and the best consumer experiences. So, nothing is more pertinent than talking about a technology. It is like gaining ground and becoming a reference in transforming information into business: smart micro Bluetooth.

High Quality micro Bluetooth modules

High Quality micro Bluetooth module use as translator

Smart micro High-Quality micro Bluetooth module, translated into Portuguese as smart micro Bluetooth, are proximity devices that emit information to smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology.

It captures data and information about things and people by geolocation, providing insights for managing actions both in logistics and sales control, as well as in consumer behavior at the point of sale.

It is noticeable that there are other applications for smart micro Bluetooth, but they are gaining more prominence in retail stores, with the objective of promoting a faster interaction of potential customers with their interests.

High Quality micro Bluetooth module use for physical points of sale

Micro Bluetooth are an important tool for physical points of sale, which have a strong competitor in the virtual world.

 Online stores already have effective tools to identify consumer preferences and behavior, which gives them a competitive advantage in relation to the offline environment.

However, High Quality micro Bluetooth module can significantly change this scenario.

How High-Quality micro Bluetooth module work

Smart micro Bluetooth is installing on walls, shelves, products or shop windows. There is no need for internet access, as smart micro Bluetooth use the smartphone's Bluetooth to send messages. The micro Bluetooth talks to the client via push notifications.

The application will archive the customer's entire history with the store and this is what makes it possible to offer individualized messages.

High Quality micro Bluetooth module allows several possibilities to transmit information

This technology allows several possibilities to transmit information of interest in real time. A practical example of the application of this technology is seen in a perfume store, where when approaching the window.

And the person receives details of the perfume bottles displayed, such as the types of notes. Whether it is floral, woody or citrus, how much does it cost, size options, among other information of interest?

With High Quality micro Bluetooth module, it is also possible to identify the consumer who is entering the establishment, learn about their behavior in the store, which sections they go to most often and what they usually buy.

High Quality micro Bluetooth module identification of consumption

Thus, based on the identification of consumption habits, smart micro Bluetooth transmit exclusive offers and information about products while the customer is passing through them.

This is a much more assertive and targeted action that makes a difference when converting a sale.

In a supermarket, for example, the consumer can, in addition to offers, receive product data, such as nutritional information and even recipes.

Other apps can create shopping lists and map the location with an indication of where the goods the customer is looking for are.

What consumer has never felt lost in a large store or has never been in doubt about one product or another? These needs are the opportunities that micro Bluetooth can fill.

Micro Bluetooth for various types of services and segments

Any commercial establishment that wants to improve its relationships with its customers can use smart High-Quality micro Bluetooth module. In addition to retail stores, another segment that is emerging is snack bars, bars and restaurants.

In these cases, smart micro Bluetooth are common. It is to display menus via the customer's smartphone or even allow ordering and payment via the mobile device.

The health area is also another bet for the use of micro Bluetooth. The devices are common to store patient data, preventing errors in manual records.

High Quality micro Bluetooth module can triangulate signals

Another possible application for micro Bluetooth is in circulation inside buildings. Micro Bluetooth can triangulate signals to obtain exact placement inside buildings such as schools, clubs, libraries, and more.

There are tourism guide projects, in which High Quality micro Bluetooth module can transmit relevant information about a place directly to the visitor's smartphone.

What is a beacon High Quality micro Bluetooth module?

We can say that the beacon is the one who will inform the mobile. It is easy to use where the user is and, later. Similarly, the mobile app is the one who will send a push or notification to that user.

High Quality micro Bluetooth modules 2021

Due to its precision, this “indoor GPS” can locate which place the customer is walking through in your store, in a matter of centimeters! This technology will certainly revolutionize the shopping experience for users:

  • in retail
  •  supermarkets
  • and other businesses

Beacons as a business opportunity!

Beacons will also be a great opportunity for owners and advertisers. It is to get closer to their audience and offer specific buying options base on their interests. The objective is not to bombard the customer with notifications, but to inform him about some High-Quality micro Bluetooth module that he is interested in.

And, the big difference, through beacons you can send exclusive offers to those customers who approached that product. The subject here is your consumer's interest!

With the data obtain by the beacons; you can even create offers based on brands and customer. It comes with movement through the point of sale. You can, in addition to identifying when the consumer enters the store, see the entire route he takes, places where he stops and for how long.

A new shopping experiences!

This system has nothing like actions like sending promotions near your store. Others that send mass messages through High Quality micro Bluetooth module are valuable too. With beacons we are talking about practically personalized experiences! With this technology, you will not be in the sweets section receiving information about shampoos, for example.


If you still have questions about usage and functionality, see Apple's example. When the customer is in his store and approaching the iPhone, he offers several options, from the device upgrade to purchase options.