What does a Serial Bluetooth module in IoT?

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Introduction of Serial Bluetooth module

Have you ever heard of Serial Bluetooth module? Well, they are small devices that emit information via Bluetooth according to proximity, using the “indoor proximity system” technology.

In practice, Bluetooth module beacons cannot detect the exact geographic location of a consumer, but they can send signals to devices that are close to them, within a certain radius, offering a communication option between your company and your audience.

Serial Bluetooth module lighthouse

The literal translation for Bluetooth module beacon is “lighthouse”. Basically, it is a word that refers to the way it sends signals to its surroundings. To understand it better, imagine that you are interested in a piece of clothing displayed in a shop window.

As you approach the store, your phone can receive information about promotions or other colors in which the exhibit is available, without you having to go into the store to ask.

Serial Bluetooth module IoT - Internet of Things

Another example is in a supermarket. When approaching a certain product, your smartphone can receive recipes that take that ingredient. Serial Bluetooth module can also be used in restaurants to deliver menus over a cell phone.

According to Impacta, Bluetooth module beacons do not store information and do not capture data from the devices to which they send notifications. They only send signals -- the user's privacy is guaranteed.

Serial Bluetooth module

Where else can I use Serial Bluetooth module beacons?

Urban mobility: At the subway station or at the bus stop, passengers can receive data with times and places of departure and arrival of the lines;

Tourism: placed in tourist and historical points of the cities, the Bluetooth module beacons can transmit curiosities or a little bit of the history of the place, and even suggestions of the next point to be visited;

Personal locator: By attaching a Bluetooth module beacon to an object, such as your house key, you can locate it with your cell phone. The app will show you how far you are from the object you are looking for;

Serial Bluetooth module use in Networking

Serial Bluetooth module are already used at corporate events around the world to send company contact information when attendees arrive, as if it were a business card delivery, for example;

Cinema: as in the example of the store window, it is possible to transmit promotions of popcorn combos and movies on display to cinema visitors;

Bars and restaurants: can you imagine being able to access the menu directly on your cell phone? The Bluetooth module beacons can transmit menu, promotions and even the contact of a social network of the establishment;

Serial Bluetooth module at the hospital:

In Switzerland, the Bluetooth module beacon already replaces the clipboard with the patient chart at the University Hospital of Lausanne. However, each hospital room has a Serial Bluetooth module that sends information about medications and procedures to the smartphones of doctors and nurses.

Bluetooth module beacon tools app

There have already been people using Bluetooth module beacons even in marriage! When the bride throws the bouquet, everything was done by the application associated with the Bluetooth module beacon to determine the proximity of the guest who took the prize, the next to be married. The author of this idea explains how he did it here.

Serial Bluetooth module advantage of being affordable

With the advantage of being affordable, Bluetooth module beacons are easy to install on walls, shop windows and even on products. Also, they emit signals through Bluetooth 4.0, known as “Bluetooth low energy”. Similarly, this technology consumes less battery than traditional Serial Bluetooth module.

Serial Bluetooth module do not store information

According to Impact, Bluetooth module beacons do not store information from the devices to which they send notifications. Furthermore, they just send signals without capturing data – user privacy is guaranteed.

How do Bluetooth module beacons impact user experience?

The Bluetooth module beacon technology is customizable. Moreover, you can send information based on your user's preferences. This results in more interesting experiences to increase customer loyalty.

Serial Bluetooth module important to emphasize intelligence

It is important to emphasize that all the intelligence used in this action must come by the application. It is the best method to interact with the Serial Bluetooth module. In other words, the affected customers are those who already know your brand and already have some contact with it, promoting a special and exclusive experience.

Serial Bluetooth module 2021

Bluetooth module beacons in practice


Imagine you are in a store about to enter the camera section. The Serial Bluetooth module sensor can detect your proximity to the product and immediately send a discount coupon directly to your mobile. American Eagle and Macy's have already started to implement new technology capable of converting a simple visit into sales.


To attract as many people as possible to their stores, car dealerships must ensure a great consumer experience. Thanks to Bluetooth module beacon, the customer can easily access detailed information, on the cell phone, about the car he is currently looking at. The technology also makes it possible to compare two different cars before the buyer decides.

Large events face a common problem

Large events face a common problem: providing their visitors with accurate location and directions information. The solution came up with Serial Bluetooth module, which install at different points in the location.

The tool's app shows users their exact location and provides a route, at a trade show, to any exhibitor. By combining technology with the consumer's profile, the possibilities are even greater. Also, A visitor interested in a specific product, for example, can receive a relevant offer on their cell phone when passing by a booth.

Opportunity to alert store consumers

Bluetooth module offer the opportunity to alert store consumers the moment they pass a product. It is also possible to encourage people to enter the store through notifications when they are in the vicinity. Moreover, when passing through any device or department, the technology allows customers to view detailed information, videos and specifications about the products on the smartphone itself.

In-Store Reminders

If consumers create shopping lists on their mobile devices in their home environment, they will receive notifications to remind them of their planned purchases while in-store. Thus, forgetting a product on the list will be almost impossible.

Serial Bluetooth module reward system

In addition to the approach strategy, Serial Bluetooth module also have a reward system. Consumers earn points by entering the store or scanning products redeem for coupons. Also, The Bluetooth module beacons Bluetooth network allows you to configure the customer reward system to better understand how online and offline behavior work together.


Serial Bluetooth module are cost-effective and do not require card machines, which means that stores do not need to invest in costly infrastructure. With a simple tap, payment process; no credit cards or fraud.