WiFi Smart Door Lock Smart Home Solution

2022-04-12/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

In recent years, IoT technology has developed rapidly. Home door locks are getting smarter. Smart door locks have become one of the most popular products in the smart home.

People have truly achieved keyless entry into their homes. It is also possible to enjoy the high-tech living experience of remote authorized access.

WiFi Smart Door Lock Smart Home Solution

WiFi Smart Door Lock Smart Home Solution Introduction

A low-power serial WiFi module is built into the smart door lock. The user's mobile phone downloads the relevant APP. Within the WiFi signal coverage of the router, a connection can be established with the WiFi module in the smart door lock through the router.

The user's mobile phone reads the smart door lock information, tries to pair, and sends an unlock request to the server. The server sends an unlock instruction to the mobile phone. The mobile phone receives the instruction and sends the instruction to the smart door lock via WiFi to unlock.

In locations that cannot be covered by the WiFi signal of the router, you can also access the cloud through 3G/4G/5G signals to achieve smart door lock control.

The working principle of UART WiFi module:

The WiFi module in the smart door lock usually uses the serial port pins to connect with the serial port of the main control MCU. In the transparent transmission mode, the main control MCU sends the control instructions related to the smart door lock to the WiFi module.

After the WiFi module is configured, the data is transmitted to the cloud platform of the smart home system. The mobile APP terminal is based on the device status data on the cloud platform to realize control interaction.

Features of WiFi Smart Door Lock Smart Home Solution

On the traditional door lock, add a low-power serial port WiFi module. We can unlock and control the door lock through a smartphone. No need for cumbersome key cards and keys, more intelligent and convenient.

◆Support multiple cloud platform docking

◆Support UART-WiFi-Ethernet data transmission

◆Serial WiFi module with low power consumption

◆Safe, stable, simple and fast development of IoT WiFi solutions

Different from traditional mechanical locks, smart door locks are more intelligent and simplified in terms of user identification, security and management. We can build a complete home intelligent control security capability through smart door locks.

Application Field of WiFi Smart Door Lock Smart Home Solution

SKYLAB low power UART WiFi modules are widely used in IoT:

◆Smart grid

◆Intelligent Transportation

◆Smart Home

◆Handheld devices

◆Industrial Control

◆Intelligent socket

◆Intelligent light control

◆Industrial wireless control

◆Sensor network

◆Home automation

◆Security ID label

◆WiFi probe

◆WiFi hotspot