BLE Bluetooth Smart Home Lighting Control Solution

2022-04-12/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

Smart lighting is the application scenario with the greatest growth potential for smart homes. In recent years, the market demand for smart lighting has increased.

Smart lighting solutions need to achieve energy saving and power saving and provide people with a more comfortable and convenient life experience. Therefore, when designing smart lighting solutions, we need to face challenges in communication, power supply, energy efficiency, and other aspects.

BLE Bluetooth Smart Home Lighting Control Solution Introduction

SKYLAB BLE Bluetooth module supports custom development and can develop Bluetooth modules in response to market demand. SKYLAB can provide a switch, dimming, dimming, and timing function settings. It can meet the needs of multi-scene applications in the lighting market and meet the lighting control needs of environmental aesthetics. The smart lighting solution based on the BLE Bluetooth module supports wireless control. Just a smartphone (you can freely control the Bluetooth LED lights with a built-in BLE Bluetooth module.

Features of BLE Bluetooth Smart Home Lighting Control Solution

Many smartphones have SKYLAB BLE Bluetooth Low Energy modules embedded. Features are as follows:

◆Intelligent connection

◆Low current consumption

◆Low cost

◆Easy to use

Application Field of BLE Bluetooth Smart Home Lighting Control Solution

SKYLAB BLE Bluetooth module is widely used in IoT to realize serial port transparent transmission and data transmission.

◆Smart grid

◆Intelligent Transportation

◆Smart Home

◆Handheld devices

◆Industrial Control

◆Intelligent light control

◆Industrial wireless control

◆Sensor network

◆Home automation

◆Smart Medical

◆Smart wear