BLE WIFI Intelligent Control IoT Solution

2022-04-12/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

In recent years, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies have developed rapidly. The demand for intelligent control continues to grow. More and more smart devices need to achieve interconnection and data transparent transmission. In the era of the Internet of Things, the information exchange and communication between people and things and things and things have been realized.

Install the smart socket and smart light control APP on the smartphone. Built-in WiFi module, Bluetooth module, WiFi+Bluetooth combination module in smart home products. We can realize the function control of smart home products through the touch screen.

BLE WIFI Intelligent Control IoT Solution

UART WiFi Module Intelligent Control Method

(1) WiFi module works in STA mode

The smart terminal (mobile phone, tablet) and WiFi module work in the wireless network environment provided by the wireless router. The data signal is forwarded by the wireless router to realize wireless control.

(2) The WiFi module works in AP mode

The smart terminal directly accesses the network provided by the WiFi module and realizes wireless control in the same hotspot network.

Remote control: The smart terminal and the wireless router are in different networks. The WiFi module uploads the data to the server. The communication between the smart terminal and the UART WiFi module device is forwarded by the server to realize the remote control.

(3) The way of intelligent control of serial port Bluetooth module

The Bluetooth module SKB369 establishes communication with the single-chip microcomputer of the smart terminal product. The user connects to Bluetooth through the corresponding mobile phone APP and sends the command to the smart terminal through Bluetooth to realize the execution of the command of the smart terminal product.

(4) Intelligent control mode of WiFi+Bluetooth combination module

The WiFi module is responsible for uploading the data to the cloud, realizing remote control or connecting with the router at home. The Bluetooth module is responsible for collecting data and transmitting the information to WiFi. The user can realize intelligent control through the mobile phone.

Features of BLE WIFI Intelligent Control IoT Solution

The wireless modules that SKYLAB supports intelligent control include the WiFi module, Bluetooth module, and WiFi+Bluetooth combination module.

◆Support serial data transparent transmission

◆Characteristics of low power consumption

◆Extremely long standby time

◆Remote control

◆Easy to use

◆Stable performance

◆Small size

◆High integration

◆Low power consumption

◆Cost controllable

◆Support secondary development

◆Support docking with Alibaba Cloud, Tuya Cloud and other platforms.

Application Field of BLE WIFI Intelligent Control IoT Solution

SKYLAB UART WiFi module, Bluetooth module, WiFi Bluetooth combination module are widely used in IoT applications as follows:

◆Smart grid

◆Intelligent Transportation

◆Smart Home

◆Handheld devices

◆Intelligent socket

◆Intelligent light control

◆Industrial wireless control

◆Sensor network

◆Home automation

◆Security ID label

◆WiFi probe

◆WiFi hotspot