Wireless Relay and Wireless Router WIFI Solution

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Wireless Relay WiFi Solution

(1)Wireless Relay WiFi Solution Introduction

In a large space, every router needs to have signal coverage, so we need a wireless WiFi relay solution.

Wireless repeaters are also called wireless signal amplifiers. The wireless relay built-in relay WiFi module transmits the received WiFi signal. Extend the coverage of your wireless network. Wireless relay WiFi module plays the role of the relay in the network connection. Pass wireless signals from one relay point to the next. Realize signal relay and amplification. Thereby expanding the WIFI signal to form a new wireless coverage area.

(2)Application Field of Wireless Relay WiFi Solution

SKYLAB has developed and launched the Wireless WiFi4 and WiFi5 AP/Router WiFi modules based on MTK and Qualcomm solutions. The AP/Router WiFi module provides wireless access. Allows other wireless devices to access and provide data access.

The WiFi modules support USB, WAN/LAN, UART, I²S, I²C, SPI, SD, PWM, etc. The WiFi modules support Repeater mode.

SKYLAB wireless repeater WiFi module is widely used for wireless network coverage in the local areas. Including enterprises, hotels, apartments, production plants, workshops, campuses, and dormitories.

Wireless Router WIFI Solution

(1)Wireless Router WIFI Solution Introduction

The Internet of Things requires terminal devices to be able to connect to WiFi anytime, anywhere. Now the amount of information is huge, and 4G traffic is obviously not enough. This is a huge market demand. To achieve WiFi network coverage on the car, the best way is to transfer 4G traffic to WiFi network coverage.

Wireless routing 4G to WiFi solution, similar to mobile phone hotspot sharing. The 4G module establishes a connection with the external network. The WiFi module establishes a connection with the 4G module through the USB interface. The 4G data signal is converted into a WiFi signal through the AP/routing WiFi module to achieve signal coverage.

(2)Application Field of Wireless Router WIFI Solution

SKYLAB's wireless WiFi4, WiFi5 and AP/Router WiFi modules are based on MTK and Qualcomm solutions and support 4G to WiFi for wireless routing. Allows other wireless devices to access and provide data access.

◆The WiFi module supports USB, WAN/LAN, UART, I²S, I²C, SPI, SD, PWM, and many other interfaces.

◆The WiFi module also supports AP, AP Client, Router, Repeater, Bridge, Gateway, 3G/4G/5G Router, Monitor and many other operating modes.

◆The WiFi module has stable performance, small size, high integration, low power consumption, controllable cost and supports secondary development.

SKYLAB 4G to WiFi modules are widely used in mobile situations. It provides WiFi hotspots for users to connect mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablets and computers for internet access.

◆Cars, Buses, subways, High-speed trains

◆Exhibition halls, large supermarkets

◆Airports, underground car parks