UART WIFI Smart Socket IoT Solution

2022-04-12/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

In recent years, the IoT industry has developed rapidly. IoT technologies and products are increasingly used in all walks of life. Including logistics, transportation, security, energy, medical, construction, manufacturing, home furnishing, retail, and other industries. The application of WiFi smart socket solutions has gradually spread from the smart home field to other fields.

UART WIFI Smart Socket IOT Solution

UART WIFI Smart Socket IOT Solution Introduction

There is a built-in UART WiFi module in the smart socket. The user's mobile phone downloads the relevant APP. The router establishes a connection with the WiFi module in the smart socket. The control authority of the smart socket is obtained, and the control can also be realized through the cloud.

Features of UART WIFI Smart Socket IoT Solution

SKYLAB UART WiFi module integrates RF transceiver, MAC, baseband processing, and WiFi protocol network protocol stack.

The user's physical device is connected to the WiFi wireless network for Internet or local area network communication to achieve networking functions. Users can easily realize the wireless network function of serial devices. Save development time, make products put into the market faster, and enhance competitiveness.

Application Field of UART WIFI IOT Solution

SKYLAB low power UART WiFi modules are widely used in IoT:

◆Smart grid

◆Intelligent Transportation

◆Smart Home

◆Handheld devices

◆Industrial Control

◆Intelligent socket

◆Intelligent light control

◆Industrial wireless control

◆Sensor network

◆Home automation

◆Security ID label

◆WiFi probe

◆WiFi hotspot