Bluetooth Beacon Shopping Mall Information Push Solution

2022-04-15/ By Admin

Industry Background Demand

In recent years, the positioning navigation and information push service of the mall is constantly optimizing upgraded. There have been many shopping malls to use Bluetooth Beacon to complete the shopping mall search, indoor navigation, shopping mall underground parking lots reverse search and promotional services.

Bluetooth Beacon Shopping Mall Information Push Solution

Bluetooth Beacon Shopping Mall Information Push Solution Introduction

The shopping mall pushes information from the Bluetooth Beacon to the mobile phones within the coverage. The push of approach information based on geographic location information is the most common application of Beacon.

The so-called near-field, that is, short-range wireless transmission. This is usually done when the Beacon detects that a smartphone with Bluetooth turned on carried by the customer is approaching the Beacon.

Beacon is a near-field low-power Bluetooth broadcast device that connects offline scenarios. Beacon allows everything to have its own location coordinates. Based on this location coordinate, we can do some near-field information push based on geographic location information.

In layman's terms, within the range (50-80 meters) covered by the Beacon signal, users can obtain some useful information broadcasted by Beacon through WeChat Shake or custom-developed apps.

Features of Bluetooth Beacon Shopping Mall Information Push Solution

SKYLAB Beacon is developed based on the BLE Bluetooth module.

◆Support iBeacon and Eddystone modes

◆Can cooperate with APP for connection and parameter modification

◆Low power consumption

◆Long standby time

◆Uninterrupted broadcast status

Application Field of Bluetooth Beacon Shopping Mall Information Push Solution

BLE Beacon can automatically send information to users in the coverage area, and determine the user's location. Then based on the location to convey the corresponding information, it can cooperate with the indoor positioning and navigation system of the shopping mall to realize indoor positioning functions such as shopping mall navigation and reverse car search.

The Bluetooth Beacon information push solution is widely used in the following scenarios:

◆Large supermarkets

◆Scenic spot

◆Exhibition Hall




◆ Railway Station

Bluetooth Beacon can push promotions, discounts, attractions, exhibits, trains and other information to users of these places.