Which Company Is The Chinese Drone Supplier Manufacturer?

2022-09-01/ By Admin

UAV Market Demand And Development Prospects

The global drone market has maintained a relatively high growth trend. In recent years, the development of the drone industry has been accelerating, and gradually extended from the field of civilian consumption to the field of industrial applications.

According to Mordor Intelligence data, the global drone market has reached US$25.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 28.93%. It is expected that the market size will maintain a rapid growth to 74 billion US dollars in 2025. The compound growth rate in 2021-2025 is 15.3%.

China is a country where all components of the drone industry chain can be produced by itself. With the help of a complete electronic component supply chain system, China can produce drone electronic components at a lower cost.

In addition, Chinese drone companies are technologically ahead of other national companies by virtue of their reserves of software and algorithm technology. The scale of China's drone industry accounts for about 80% of the world, far ahead of the United States and Europe, which are second and third.

China UAV Supplier Manufacturer Company

SKYLAB is SF and MMC drone partner, providing customers with logistics drone solutions. SKYLAB is committed to the exploration and deep cultivation of logistics drone application scenarios, and continues to build a standard management system for the R&D, testing, production and commercial operation of large-scale commercial drones in various complex scenarios.

Chinese Drone Supplier

UAV products include multi-rotor UAV, VTOL fixed wing UAV, with long endurance, large load, multi-redundancy navigation system, flight control system, power system and power system, and equipped with emergency landing system, reliability and High security.

The drone solutions provided by SKYLAB have been successfully implemented in many countries and cities, and the operation scope covers plateaus, hills, cities, islands, lakes and other complex scenes.

SKYLAB continues to provide users with high-quality drone logistics services, and can quickly respond to customers' differentiated needs, providing drone-based solutions for security, emergency, inspection, fire protection, surveying and mapping, and special logistics.

UAV Industry Application Solutions

1、UAV Logistics Transportation Application

In recent years, logistics drones have been rapidly developed and applied. SKYLAB’s drone logistics solution can effectively overcome the problems caused by complex road conditions and traffic congestion in urban areas, and greatly improve delivery efficiency.

The central command system of the UAV can monitor, control, dispatch, warn and record the flight status throughout the whole process to ensure the accuracy and stability of the flight. This ensures that the drone can quickly and accurately transport items to customers.

2、UAV Power Inspection Application

Power grid construction often spans complex areas such as mountains and forests, and manual inspections are difficult and dangerous. The power grid company conducts inspections by drones to achieve inspections without dead ends and blind spots. Drones can take pictures of equipment defects and transmit high-altitude video in real-time.

In the daily inspection of electric power, the drone can take clear images. The UAV finds faults and helps the command center to have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the accident scene. The staff formulated emergency repair plans to improve the efficiency of power safety emergency response.

3、Police Drone Public Safety Inspection Application

Police drone inspections are mainly used for aerial inspections of their jurisdictions. The drone is equipped with video surveillance equipment to quickly carry out public security inspection tasks. The drone transmits the captured footage back to the command center to efficiently complete the security monitoring task.

In criminal investigation and arrest, police drones are mainly used to monitor the scene in criminal investigation and arrest work. The commander can grasp the dynamic situation in real time, give accurate command, and deal with it quickly.

4、Police Drones In Traffic Applications

Police drones are mainly used for traffic monitoring in traffic command. UAVs can quickly inspect road conditions through the video equipment they carry, and can lock, track, and photograph targets that violate traffic laws.

5、Application Of UAV In Fire Rescue

In urban firefighting, drones are mainly used for urban firefighting emergency rescue work. The drone monitors the fire situation and finds out the high temperature fire point through the equipment it carries. Drones search for survivors by surveying dangerous objects near the fire. UAVs complete emergency rescue work to minimize loss of life and property.