Pet GPS Positioning Tracker Wholesale Manufacturer

2022-08-31/ By Admin

Why Buy A GPS Pet Tracker?

According to reports, the United States has more than 89.7 million pet dogs and 94.2 million pet cats. The increase in pet-owning families also increases the probability of pet loss. More than 2 million pet dogs are lost in the United States each year.

Many families take care of their pets as part of the family, but thousands of pets are lost every day. In order to ensure the safety of pets, pet trackers have also become an important device for protecting pets in the market. One solution to this problem is to wear collared GPS pet trackers to dogs.

Pet GPS Positioning Tracker Wholesale Manufacturer

How To Choose A Pet GPS Tracker Wholesale Manufacturer?

1、Choose a tracker manufacturer with accurate positioning

People buy GPS locators to be able to easily understand the location information of pets. Accurate positioning is the most basic requirement of a GPS locator. However, many manufacturers' trackers do not have accurate positioning. Therefore, everyone try to choose trackers from professional manufacturers.

2、Choose a tracker manufacturer with small size and light weight

Pets are comfortable wearing trackers that are small and lightweight. But at present, many manufacturers' pet trackers are heavy. So everyone chooses a tracker manufacturer that focuses on light.

3、Choose a tracker manufacturer with long battery life

In general, pets spend a few hours a day out and about. Therefore, in order to ensure that you can always keep an eye on the track of your pet's activities, you should choose a tracker with a long battery life.

GPS pet tracker solution introduction

SKYLAB is the leading wholesale manufacturer of pet GPS trackers. SKYLAB has a research and development team of more than 100 people, and has developed and launched various types of pet trackers. The pet GPS tracker transmits the positioning data to the server on the Internet through the gprs network. People can check their pet's location on a computer or mobile phone.

1、GPS tracker precise positioning

The GPS tracker uses Taiwan's high-end chips, which has a stronger ability to capture signals, and the signal will not disappear. In places with poor signal such as indoors and parks, the tracker can accurately locate. Even pets can be found in corners.

2、GPS tracker query historical track

People can check the pet's itinerary through the mobile APP. You can keep track of where your pet is going and how long it will stay.

3、GPS Tracker Electronic Fence

You can set up a safety electronic fence on the mobile APP. When the pet goes out of the set safe area, the tracker will remind you in real time. GPS trackers can prevent pets from being lost, making it more effective to find lost pets.

4、GPS Tracker Resistant to Drops and Bites

The GPS tracker is made of special safety materials, so it is not afraid of pets biting the device. The tracker collar is firm and not easy to fall off.

GPS Tracker Product Recommendations

C032 is a 4G pet dog and cat positioning tracker mini collar specially made for pets. It integrates 4G full Netcom wireless communication technology and GPS/BDS satellite navigation and positioning technology. The tracker adopts an industrial-grade high-integration full-built-in antenna design, and the device has a built-in 3-axis sensor, which enables intelligent power-saving wake-up work.

The C032 pet tracker has functions such as real-time positioning, vibration alarm, light pet search, sound pet search, roll call positioning and other functions. Four working modes can be set to meet various application scenarios of customers. The user can send an instruction to switch the working mode. With the global positioning service platform, the location of the device can be queried anytime, anywhere.