Electric Motorcycle/Bike Anti-theft GPS Tracker China Supplier

2022-08-30/ By Admin

In recent years, electric motorcycles/bicycles have been loved by people because of their low carbon, environmental protection and convenient travel characteristics. The market demand for electric bicycles is rapidly booming. This has also led to an annual increase in the number of Beidou GPS locators for electric bicycles. Electric motorcycles are ideal means of transportation for people to travel for short distances. But it is extremely easy to steal and more difficult to manage. So how to solve the problem of electric motorcycles/bicycles being stolen?

Electric Motorcycle/Bike GPS Tracker China Supplier Recommended

SKYLAB is a leading electric motorcycle/bike GPS tracker supplier in China. SKYLAB applies advanced wireless communication technology and GPS technology to vehicle location services. The company has developed and launched electric motorcycle/bicycle GPS anti-theft tracking terminal products.

Electric Motorcycle/Bike GPS Tracker China Supplier

Bicycle owners establish a 1-to-1 authentication relationship with the anti-theft tracker through their mobile phones. The GPS tracker can record the status of the vehicle at any time in real-time. In the special case of an electric bicycle being stolen, the GPS tracker will send the location and information to the owner's mobile phone as soon as possible. The GPS tracker supports abnormal vehicle vibration and displacement alarms. No matter where the vehicle is placed, it can achieve positioning and tracking.

Electric motorcycle/bike GPS anti-theft system solution

SKYLAB GPS tracker is a small smart control terminal suitable for installation on electric motorcycles/bikes. The tracker terminal adopts a large-scale integrated circuit, and the antenna is all built-in. Each functional module and the whole machine have undergone multiple tests. Embedded software with modular multi-layer structure ensures stable and reliable performance of terminal equipment. And for different types of electric motorcycles/bikes, there are terminal products with non-functional designs to meet the needs of different equipment.

Electric motorcycle GPS security anti-theft monitoring software is composed of background monitoring system and vehicle terminal. Background monitoring software is at the center of the entire system. It can realize monitoring, scheduling, receiving/handling police and other information services.

Advantages of SKYLAB Electric Vehicle GPS Positioning Anti-theft System Solution

1、SKYLAB is an industry leader in vehicle GPS tracker manufacturers and a well-known supplier in China.

2、The SKYLAB tracker adopts the MTK international mainstream chip solution, which is more stable. The tracker adopts E-blox multi-mode positioning chip, which is more accurate. The tracker adopts a highly integrated PCBA manufacturing process, which is more durable.

3、The tracker is connected with the mainstream controller manufacturer's protocol, and the app is developed privately.

4、SKYLAB vehicle tracker is independently developed and produced. SKYLAB has a R&D and after-sales technical service team of more than 100 people.

Main functions of electric motorcycle/bike GPS tracker

1、GPS tracker real-time location

Users can view the real-time location of electric vehicles at any time through the computer platform and mobile APP. The traffic supervision department can check whether the vehicles are driving illegally and whether they are parked indiscriminately.

2、GPS Tracker Power Outage Alarm

When someone disconnects the power of the GPS tracker, the tracker will immediately send an alarm to remind the user to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

3、GPS Tracker Speed ​​Alarm

The user can set a speed value for the tracker. If the riding speed exceeds this set value, an overspeed alarm message will be sent immediately to remind the user to pay attention to safe driving.

4、GPS Tracker Vibration Alarm

Once the GPS locator detects abnormal vibration, it will immediately send vibration alarm information to remind users to pay attention to vehicle safety and prevent theft.

5、GPS Tracker Electronic Fence

Users can set an electronic fence area. When the electric motorcycle drives into this area, the fence alarm message will be sent immediately.

6、GPS tracker history track playback

The GPS tracker server can store data from the last 6 months. The user can repeatedly check the vehicle status during this time, including the driving route and the driving direction.

7、The GPS tracker is powered off

The tracker cooperates with the relay to realize the remote power off so that the electric motorcycle cannot be started normally. The user can also send commands remotely to restore the normal start of the vehicle.