Bus GPS Vehicle Location Tracker Solution

2022-08-26/ By Admin

City buses can meet the basic travel requirements of the people. However, the management of buses has always been difficult. If the government can solve these problems, it will greatly promote the intelligent development of public transportation.

Bus GPS Vehicle Location Tracker Solution

Problems Existing In Urban Bus Management

1、Frequent Traffic Accidents

There are many cases of bus accidents. Such as driver violations, speeding, and fatigue driving behavior.

2、Difficult To Control And Supervise Vehicles

Bus companies cannot control the operation of buses. The vehicle is entirely driven by the driver. Driving is not regulated by companies.

3、Difficulty In Bus Dispatching

There is more than one public transport enterprise belonging to the same city bus. Vehicle information is independent of each other.
The traffic management department cannot conduct a unified analysis and management of the information.

Bus GPS Positioning Tracker Solution Introduction

SKYLAB provides bus GPS/Beidou positioning tracker management solutions. By installing GPS trackers on buses, the transportation department can get a real-time understanding of how the buses are running.

The GPS locator system can display the real-time position of the vehicle, running speed, vehicle and line operation management and other information. The administrator can play back the vehicle running track and monitor the abnormal state of the vehicle running. When encountering major emergencies emergency response needs, managers can make emergency dispatch.

Together with the GPS management platform, the GPS positioning device can realize 24-hour positioning and tracking of the bus. Managers keep track of bus movements. After the location of the bus is clarified, it is convenient for managers to make scheduling in a timely manner.

In the GPS positioning system, the electronic fence is also a very important function. Set up an electronic fence for the bus, and record the information of the bus every time you go out and enter. It can automatically enter the attendance system, reducing the trouble of manual registration every time you enter and leave.

In addition to this, the electronic fence can also prevent the bus from being stolen. If the bus crosses the fence during the rest period, it means that the bus will be used privately or stolen. The GPS system will send alarm information to managers to avoid this situation in time.

Features Of Bus GPS Location Tracker

1、Tracker Real-time Location

The tracker has GPS/Beidou dual-mode positioning system. The tracker can track and lock the position and speed of the vehicle 24 hours a day. The transportation department can optimize the scheduling and make full use of the vehicle resources of public transport enterprises.

2、Tracker Driving Track Storage And Playback

The tracker can save car tracks for up to several months. The vehicle monitoring center can randomly check the driving record at any time. If there is an accident, you can use the driving record for reconnaissance.

3、The Tracker Has A Multi-way Alarm Mode

The tracker has a variety of alarm methods. Including overspeed, deviation from the preset route, SOS emergency alarm, anti-theft alarm.

Final Words

It is an irresistible trend for public transportation to become intelligent. The GPS positioning tracker developed and launched by SKYLAB meets the market demand. The tracker can regulate the correct driving of the bus driver. When emergencies such as theft, robbery or spontaneous combustion occur on the bus, the emergency alarm button of the tracker plays an important role.