Truck GPS Positioning Tracker Solution Manufacturer

2022-08-24/ By Admin

Affected by roads, weather, human factors, etc., truck accidents often occur. How to ensure the safe delivery of goods transported by trucks is a difficult problem for many fleet companies.

In addition to environmental impacts such as roads and weather, many truck accidents are caused by human factors. Such as distracted driving, fatigue driving, or dangerous driving behaviors such as sudden lane change, illegal reversing, etc.

To ensure the safe delivery of trucks, it is necessary to regulate the driving behavior of drivers. In addition, it is also necessary to use GPS location trackers to remotely monitor the real-time status of truck transportation.

GPS location tracker

Truck GPS Location Tracker Manufacturer

SKYLAB is a manufacturer of in-vehicle trackers, providing truck GPS location tracker management solutions. The truck GPS positioning tracker solution comprehensively uses the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, and multiple positioning technologies.

Taking the wireless positioning terminal as the entrance, the tracker collects the vehicle position, transportation status, and driving trajectory data information. The data is transmitted to the vehicle management cloud platform via the GSM network. Managers can view vehicle status in real-time to ensure vehicle safety and standard transportation operations.

Functional of SKYLAB's GPS location tracker

1、GPS tracker can monitor vehicle status

By installing GPS positioning terminal on the truck, combined with the vehicle management platform/APP. Fleet companies can remotely view vehicle location information, driving routes, mileage, driving speed, fuel consumption, etc.

2、GPS tracker can monitor the goods

Install the asset locator for the goods, it has the functions of multiple positioning, electronic fence, unpacking alarm and so on. The tracker can remind managers of the status of the goods and whether they are lost.

3、GPS trackers can regulate driver driving behavior

When the driver has driving behaviors such as sudden acceleration and sudden braking, the locator will record his behavior. Then the locator generates alarm information and uploads it to the vehicle management platform and APP. Fleet companies understand the driving behavior of drivers and can effectively prevent private use of public vehicles.

4、The GPS tracker can record the driving condition of the truck

Fleet companies can obtain data such as vehicle speed, mileage, and accident alerts through the platform's statistical reports. The manager analyzes the mileage of the vehicle, judges the health status of the vehicle, and performs maintenance work in advance.

5、GPS tracker can smart burglar alarm

GPS positioning equipment has the functions of demolition alarm, low power alarm, electronic fence, remote oil and electricity disconnection, etc. GPS trackers can effectively prevent vehicle theft and help car owners find their missing vehicles in time.

Final Words

The truck GPS positioning tracker can monitor the vehicle condition and ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. Trackers can strengthen the safety management of trucks and reduce the operating costs of fleet companies.