How To Choose A Vehicle GPS Positioning Tracker?

2022-08-23/ By Admin

Are you worried about car theft? You want to know the location information and driving track of your car, and the car GPS positioning tracker can display and track the vehicle location and track information in real-time.

How To Choose A Vehicle GPS Positioning Tracker?

How to choose a suitable vehicle GPS locator?

1、Appearance of car GPS tracker

The appearance of the GPS tracker is the most important factor. We need to consider style design, material selection and fine workmanship. If a product is poorly manufactured on the outside, how can you be sure you have quality parts on the inside?

2、Stability of car GPS tracker

If the GPS tracker chip is bad, it will often drift. Sometimes the position is accurate, sometimes the deviation is huge.

3、The function of car GPS tracker

The general locator has functions such as GPS/BDS/LBS positioning, historical record playback, geo-fencing, etc. In addition, the locator also has functions such as audio monitoring, SOS calling, etc.

4、Management cloud platform performance of car GPS tracker

To ensure the normal use of the GPS locator terminal, it is necessary to rely on a powerful and stable service monitoring platform. GPS positioning, location query, vehicle monitoring, history playback and other functions all need to log in to the management platform to operate. Once the system platform crashes, all users will lose the data of related positioning products.

Therefore, when buying a GPS locator, we should not only pay attention to the quality, function and configuration of the hardware itself, but also check the stability of its GPS monitoring platform.

5、Battery capacity of car GPS tracker

Wireless GPS trackers rely on batteries, whose capacity largely determines the standby time. And repeatedly replacing the battery of the GPS tracker will bring a lot of trouble.

6、Services of car GPS tracker manufacturers

If you encounter technical problems with the car GPS tracker later, you need to choose a good manufacturer's service.

What functions should a good car GPS tracker have?

1、Car GPS tracker with high precision positioning

The car GPS tracker has a high-precision positioning function. Generally speaking, after installing the mobile phone card and turning on the power of the device, the device can be located. All-round positioning and tracking is possible at any time, regardless of area and time. It comes with sets of maps to correct mistakes and is easy to operate.

2、The car GPS tracker has a long-term historical track playback

The car owner can replay the driving trajectory of the past 90 days, and play it back smoothly and intuitively, showing the speed, direction, dwell time, etc.

3、Car GPS tracker equipped with Android/IOS positioning APP

Just download and install it on your phone, and you can check the vehicle location in real-time. The tracker replays historical routes and monitors vehicles, supporting satellite views.

4、Car GPS tracker adopts high-end positioning chip

The chip of the vehicle's GPS system is the core component. Usually, inferior products use cheap inferior chips, which are inaccurate and have large positioning errors.

5、Car GPS tracker with smart electronic geofence

When the vehicle enters a geo-fenced area, it will automatically go into an armed state. When the vehicle drives out of the fence, the owner's mobile phone will receive an alert message. This message does not need to be set repeatedly and is valid forever.