What are the functions of the smart construction site personnel positioning system?

2024-06-25/ By Admin

The positioning of intelligent construction site personnel is very necessary. It can improve safety assurance, real-time grasp the location and status of personnel, assist in efficient management and precise scheduling, enhance emergency response capabilities, and optimize resource allocation. It is a key element of intelligent construction site management.

Advantages of Smart Construction Site Personnel Positioning Plan

1. The base station does not require power supply or networking, reducing the difficulty of deployment;

2. The tag calculates its own position based on distance measurement, which reduces the server network and computational load, as well as the delay in updating the tag position, further enhancing the concurrent capacity of the tag;

3. The Lora data transmission distance is long, the Lora gateway deployment density is low, and the network deployment cost is high;

4. After optimization, the beacon can have a maximum battery life of 3-5 years.

Introduction to the Six Functions of the Intelligent Construction Site Personnel Positioning System

1. Real time monitoring

Visualize real-time display of the location of the detected target person or object;

Quick queries for specific targets;

Multi positioning system fusion;

Specific group display;

Customized display of avatars;

Quick switching between buildings and floors;

Introduction to the Six Functions of the Intelligent Construction Site Personnel Positioning System

2. Historical trajectory

The infinite time tracing of historical trajectories;

Track playback based on GIS;

Display of trajectory list based on POI;

Customized segmented playback;

The playback rate is adjustable by multiples ranging from 1 to 64x;

3. Alarm management

Personalized alarms can be set for behaviors such as SOS, low battery of tags, disappearance, and violent disassembly of tags;

Alarm can be processed, feedback can be provided, and retained;

Support video stream saving;

The alarm location can be viewed at any time;

4. Electronic fence

What you draw is what you get, supporting custom construction of static electronic fences of any shape;

Boundary crossing alarm;

Intrusion alarm;

Detention alarm;

Real time display of alarm location, target, and video;

Unlimited retention of alarm information;

5. Security video linkage

The positioning system can support entering personnel tracking mode;

Support linkage between on-site and internal video monitoring probes;

Monitoring video tracking based on location information;

SOS alarm supports linked video;

6. Electronic roll call

Name call task settings;

Task cycle;

Can provide real-time or timed one click roll call for regulated personnel;

Customize task name, time, actual number of roll calls, and personnel who have not yet arrived for roll calls;