The role and characteristics of personnel positioning in digital engineering sites

2024-06-21/ By Admin

Digitalization is a model that utilizes various digital technologies to comprehensively upgrade and manage construction sites. In digital engineering sites, various technologies and systems will be applied, such as the Internet of Things technology, which collects real-time data of construction sites through various sensors, such as personnel location, equipment operation status, environmental parameters, etc. The personnel positioning system can accurately grasp the position and activity trajectory of workers.

Digitalization can effectively improve construction efficiency, ensure construction safety, optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and improve project quality.

Personnel positioning in digital engineering sites

The personnel positioning in digital engineering sites mainly has the following functions and characteristics:


1. Security guarantee: Always grasp the position of personnel, and be able to quickly locate and implement rescue in case of dangerous situations.

2. Personnel management: Accurately track the attendance of personnel, facilitating attendance management and work arrangements.

3. Improve collaboration efficiency: Facilitate quick identification of individuals from various professions, facilitating collaborative work.

Implementation method:

1. RFID technology: Determine personnel location through radio frequency identification tags.

2. Bluetooth positioning: Using Bluetooth signals for positioning.

3. UWB technology: Ultra wideband technology can achieve high-precision real-time positioning.

4. GPS or Beidou positioning: more suitable for outdoor environments.

Through the digital personnel positioning system, it is possible to better manage and schedule construction site personnel scientifically, improve the overall management level and operational efficiency of the construction site.

Schematic diagram of UWB TWR active positioning

Arrange positioning labels every 20 meters

TWR ranging Long Distance UWB Positioning Tag VDU1506

TWR ranging Long Distance UWB Positioning Tag VDU1506

Personnel wear walkie talkies for positioning. (Can be added to safety helmets later on)

Install a LORA base station on each layer and a 4G LORA base station to increase wireless signal coverage and ensure normal wireless communication for construction workers.

DW1000 UWB TWR Ranging Anchor VDU2506

Working voltage: 5-12V

Communication method: 4G mobile communication+10/100M network port+Lora

Integrated indoor and outdoor positioning

Indoor: UWB active positioning, positioning accuracy can reach 0.1~1m

Outdoor: Using RTK high-precision satellite positioning technology, the positioning accuracy can reach 0.1m