Beidou short message module, with wide reliability coverage and low cost

2024-06-26/ By Admin

What is Beidou Short Message

Beidou short newspaper stationery has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, fast response, and high cost-effectiveness, making it very suitable for emergency communication, search and rescue and other application scenarios. Compared to traditional mobile communication methods, the Beidou-3 short message system has advantages such as high reliability, wide coverage, and low cost, especially in remote areas or disaster situations, which can better ensure the security and stability of communication.

By using BeiDou short messages, users can input text message content on their mobile phones or other terminal devices in areas without cellular mobile networks, and achieve global SMS sending and receiving through BeiDou-3 satellite. This enables mass mobile satellite ground fusion communication without changing cards, numbers, or adding peripherals.

The Beidou-3 short message system can not only be used for daily communication and emergency rescue, but also in fields such as transportation, fisheries, forestry, meteorology, and geological exploration to achieve positioning, tracking, and monitoring of objects, vehicles, animals and plants. In addition, the Beidou-3 short message system also supports the transmission of various data types, including voice, image, etc.

Introduction to SKG8204B Pure Beidou Short Message Module

SKG8204B is a Beidou-3 regional short message communication module, which integrates core chips such as LNA low-noise amplifier, RF transceiver signal filter, short message RF baseband integrated processor, PA power amplifier, etc. This module can be embedded into the entire product, and basic functions such as sending and receiving short message information and location reporting in the Beidou No.3 area can be achieved by connecting to an external Beidou SIM smart card and a Beidou passive antenna for short messages.

SKG8204B adopts a stamp hole surface mount packaging, with high internal circuit integration and low power consumption, making it very easy to integrate into the entire product, enhancing customer product competitiveness. The module supports firmware upgrades and data communication with the upper computer through a single UART serial port.

SKG8204B can be widely used in various application scenarios such as communication blind spot monitoring and management, emergency rescue management, unmanned area monitoring and management, outdoor sports management, portable terminals, personal wearable terminals, etc.

Module advantages and features

SKG8204B is a very compact Beidou-3 short message communication module that can achieve excellent performance such as high sensitivity, high transmission success rate, and low power consumption under small-sized packaging conditions. The module has the following advantageous features:

1. The module integrates the Beidou-3 short message RF baseband integrated SOC chip, which is more compact and has higher working reliability;

2. The module integrates high-efficiency linear power amplifiers, resulting in lower transient power consumption during transmission;

3. The module integrates flexible control technology for receiving/transmitting channels, resulting in lower power consumption;

4. The module adopts a compact design scheme, which is conducive to the flexible layout of the user's entire machine and has a wider application range.