What Are The Advantages Of IoT Low-power Bluetooth Modules?

2023-07-18/ By Admin

The original classic Bluetooth modules were mostly used for audio transmission. With the emergence of low-power Bluetooth modules, the application of Bluetooth has been extended to all kinds of fields. I present to you several advantages of IoT low power bluetooth module applications.

What are the advantages of IoT low-power Bluetooth modules?

Why is Bluetooth technology widely used in connected devices? It is capable of establishing low-power connections through small devices. Thus connecting with any device in any location.

(1) Ultra-low power consumption

Bluetooth modules utilize many intelligent means to minimize power consumption.BLE Bluetooth modules have ultra-low power consumption. A single coin cell battery can run a low-power Bluetooth module for years.

Technology is constantly advancing and today's Bluetooth chips are becoming more and more powerful. More and more people are accustomed to set Bluetooth to the on state. The impact on battery life is almost negligible.

(2)Simplified Connection Configuration

Low-power Bluetooth modules provide seamless connectivity solutions for applications. It also makes the process of configuration very simple.

(3)Ultra-fast connection speed

Bluetooth Low Energy technology utilizes a variable connection interval. This interval can be set from a few milliseconds to a few seconds depending on the specific application. In addition, because BLE technology uses a very fast connection. It can therefore be in a "non-connected" state, saving energy.

(4)Ultra-long connection distance and enhanced wireless coverage

At present, the connection distance of BLE4.0 BLE4.1 BLE4.2 module is between 30m-100m, and the connection distance of BLE 5.0 module is even farther. It can reach about 300 meters.

(5)Fully backward compatible

Low-power Bluetooth is fully backward compatible with the update mechanism. It favors the renewal of Bluetooth products. The new Bluetooth version and the old Bluetooth version are compatible with each other.

(6)Low cost

At present, low-power Bluetooth modules have been applied to various collars of the Internet of Things. For example, Bluetooth is the first step for wearable devices to realize communication. The device on your wrist is connected to your cell phone via Bluetooth. Low-power Bluetooth module will be the first choice for low-cost applications of the Internet of Things.

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