Application of Bluetooth Beacon in Factory Personnel Location

2023-07-20/ By Admin

Factories generally have a large number of personnel and dense location distribution. Unable to know the location of the workers, it is very difficult to rescue them in case of safety accidents.

Application of Bluetooth Beacon in Factory Personnel Location

How can Bluetooth beacons realize personnel positioning?

SKYLAB can provide indoor positioning system based on Bluetooth beacons. The beacon system can get the location information of the employees in the factory where the accident happened. When an accident occurs in a factory, obtaining the location of the employees is crucial for rescue. Bluetooth beacons are easy to install and provide a simple solution for corporate emergency response.

Bluetooth beacons can provide the location of alarms occurring in the area in addition. It can also recognize if a person is entering a restricted area, enabling electronic fencing capabilities. If a worker enters a restricted area without authorization, the Bluetooth beacon can send an alarm to the detector.

Bluetooth beacons can be deployed throughout the plant. Bluetooth beacons are low cost and suitable for a variety of areas. Deploy the location and number of beacons according to the demand to realize the full coverage of factory positioning.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth beacon technology?

(1) Ease of use

Bluetooth beacon ease of use includes easy to deploy and easy to use system. Ease of use can reduce the cost of positioning system.

(2) Low power consumption

The low power consumption of Bluetooth beacons extends battery life. It can reduce maintenance costs and easy to use.

(3) Low Cost

The cost of a single beacon device can greatly affect the overall cost of the system.

(4) Balanced power output across channels

Accurate transmit power values for Bluetooth beacons can simplify the system. It can reduce the need to use algorithms to accommodate inconsistent RSSI readings.

(5) Security

Bluetooth beacon deployments require higher security and privacy measures It protects the data and prevents third party attackers. In this case, the level of security of the system is critical to the success of the deployment.

What are the personnel management features of a Bluetooth beacon plant?

(1) Real-time personnel monitoring

The electronic map shows the location of all personnel in the monitoring area in real time. The monitor can dynamically grasp the number and real-time distribution of personnel.

(2) Personnel Finding and Locating

Enter the name or number of the personnel into the Bluetooth localization system. It can quickly locate the location of the personnel to be found.

(3) Alarm for crossing the boundary

Once the Bluetooth positioning system finds that the personnel deviates from the specified track for a certain period of time, it sends out an alarm message.

(4) Activity track playback

Bluetooth positioning system records the location and time of the personnel. It can track the personnel movement route playback. The manager can grasp the detailed activity route and time of the personnel.

(5) Low battery alarm

Bluetooth positioning system set the minimum limit of power. Once the Bluetooth beacon tag power is lower than this limit, it will send an alarm message.