Bluetooth Beacon In Warehouse Asset Tracking Solution

2023-07-14/ By Admin

In warehouse asset management, how to improve the efficiency of goods management? Warehouse goods tracking becomes a big problem.

Bluetooth beacons in warehouse asset tracking application solutions

SKYLAB can provide iBeacon based Bluetooth warehouse asset solution. It consists of beacon, gateway and management terminal. By deploying Bluetooth beacon devices, it realizes the positioning of goods in the warehouse, inventory management, and employee management.

Managers can view the location, quantity of goods in real time. It can improve the efficiency of goods dispatching. The positioning and monitoring of special items is strengthened by setting up electronic fences. Once out of the set range, the beacon will alarm at the first time.

Warehouse Asset Management Bluetooth Positioning System

The Bluetooth positioning system is mainly composed of a signal transmitting node and a receiving processing center. The product consists of Bluetooth Beacon, Bluetooth gateway and management terminal.

Warehouse Asset Management Bluetooth Positioning System

(1) Warehouse asset management Bluetooth Beacon sends broadcast packets at intervals

(2) The Bluetooth gateway scans and collects the broadcast packets of the surrounding Bluetooth beacons. It transmits information such as MAC address, RSSI value, time, power, etc. to the background server.

(3) The server calculates the location of the Bluetooth Beacon according to the RSSI value and the map.

(4) The mobile phone or display terminal obtains the position of the asset Beacon from the server. Managers can monitor and take stock of fixed assets in real time.

What are the functions of Bluetooth beacon warehouse asset management?

Warehouse asset tracking solution based on Bluetooth beacon technology. It can realize intelligent management of warehousing by deploying Bluetooth beacons inside the warehouse.

(1) Real-time positioning management

Bluetooth beacons are deployed on the items and locations in the shelf space. The items and their location information inside the warehouse can be located in real time. This function can support real-time inventory, logistics path planning and other logistics management operations.

(2) Temperature and humidity monitoring

Deploy Bluetooth beacons with temperature and humidity sensors. It can realize real-time monitoring of environmental parameters in the warehouse. The system can support temperature and humidity alarm, adjust the temperature and humidity environment and other operations.

(3) Item tracking management

Bluetooth beacons are integrated in the equipment to realize the tracking and management of articles. It can support real-time labeling of items, logistics tracking and other operations.

(4) Employee Safety

Bluetooth beacon device worn by employees. The beacon can realize employee positioning and safety area warning. It can reduce the risk of safety accidents in the warehouse;

(5) Data analysis and prediction

Bluetooth beacons perceived items, locations, temperature and humidity and other data are analyzed and processed. It can realize the operation management and inventory optimization of the warehouse.