Tunnel UWB Personnel Positioning System Solution

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Road and railroad tunnels have relatively high risk of building construction and a large number of operators. It is more difficult to monitor and manage tunnel building construction companies. Managers need to know the personnel attendance, area positioning, safety warning situation.

Tunnel Personnel UWB Positioning Solution

SKYLAB can provide tunnel UWB personnel positioning system solutions. the UWB positioning system can always grasp the construction personnel location, equipment distribution status. It can greatly improve the efficiency of safety management.

What are the tunnel construction positioning technologies?

(1) WIFI Positioning

The biggest advantage of WiFi positioning is that there is no need to lay special equipment. Users who have turned on Wi-Fi when using smartphones may become the data source. This technology has the advantages of easy expansion and low cost, but the WIFI signal in the tunnel is poor.

(2) ZigBee Positioning

ZigBee is a short-range, low-rate wireless network technology. It is characterized by low power consumption and low cost.ZigBee is between RFID and Bluetooth, and is mainly oriented to wireless personal area network.

ZigBee indoor positioning technology is by arranging reference nodes in the sensor network. They send location information and RSSI values to the mobile to-be-tested node. The node writes the data to the positioning module and analyzes and calculates it to get its position.

ZigBee systems often use a distributed node setup. It reduces the network data workload and communication delays.ZigBee accuracy is within 2m, but instability is susceptible to environmental interference.

(3) UWB localization

UWB transmission rate is high, up to 1000Mbps or more. It has low transmit power and strong penetration capability.UWB is a wireless technology based on very narrow pulse. It does not require the use of carriers in traditional communication systems.

UWB indoor positioning technique often uses TDOA ranging and positioning algorithm. It uses hyperbolic crossing to locate the position.The UWB system consists of generating, transmitting, receiving, and processing very narrow pulse signals.

Deployment of UWB positioning system hardware

The UWB positioning base station is deployed at the tunnel entrance. Construction personnel wear UWB positioning tags.UWB system can realize the precise location positioning of personnel and vehicles. It can realize spatial one-dimensional, two-dimensional positioning, three-dimensional positioning.

The UWB positioning tag is attached to the surface of the positioning object. When the UWB tag enters the signal range of the base station, it automatically establishes contact with the base station. the UWB base station sends electromagnetic wave signals to determine the location of the tag. Each UWB tag has a unique ID number. It can be linked to the located object by this ID number. The localization base station finds the actual location of the location through the tag.

The UWB base station is distributed at the edge of the localization area. It can provide signal coverage to the area. the UWB base station detects the data information of the tag and uploads it to the server.

A UWB positioning system generally consists of more than three positioning base stations. They can receive the UWB signals sent by the positioning terminals. They analyze each other and calculate the signal propagation delay. the UWB system calculates the distance between the tag to be located and the base station through an algorithm.

Tunnel Personnel UWB Positioning Solution Architecture

Tunnel personnel positioning generally adopts one-dimensional positioning in UWB positioning

1. The positioning of tunnel personnel can generally be achieved by one-dimensional positioning;

2. Install and deploy a UWB base station at intervals of 400 meters to 1000 meters in the tunnel , with a positioning accuracy of less than 30 cm;

3. Where there are bends or turns in the tunnel road, UWB base stations need to be appropriately added for positioning compensation.

Coal Mine Personnel UWB Positioning Solution Architecture

The Hardware in the tunnel Positioning Scheme

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