5 Brilliant Ways to Use USB WIFI Module

2022-02-01/ By Admin

With the need to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, even when you are on the go, portable usb WIFI module transmitters will be of great help to users. These portable WIFI module transmitters are compact in size, convenient to carry everywhere. It can still connect to WIFI on laptops, phones, and tablets as usual without any problems.

So how can those portable WIFI module transmitters broadcast WIFI to other devices? What are the different features compared to fixed WIFI transmitters? Let's find out with the Network Administrator in the article below.

What is a portable transmitter?

Mobile WIFI module transmitters are capable of transmitting Internet to connectable devices. Such as laptops, mobiles, using 3G/4G SIM cards of carriers to broadcast WIFI to devices that need it.


Compare the usb WIFI module with the fixed WIFI transmitter

The structure of the WIFI transmitter is very compact. It does not need to use a plug, uses a battery to operate and a SIM card slot to use. The mobile WIFI transmitter can be considered as a mobile router. It can easily switching between 3G and 4G, the operating distance is about 10-15m, the operation time is about 8 hours.

Fixed WIFI transmitter

Fixed WIFI transmitter, also known as WIFI module. It broadcasts the Internet to desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and other connected devices. On the usb WIFI module, there is a LAN port, a WAN port, and a broadcast antenna.

The LAN port is used to divide the Internet signal for devices to use, using RJ45 network seeds and usually yellow. The WAN port will create a separate network layer, granting the IP range according to the router's Default Gateway.

Advantages of fixed WIFI module:

  • Stable,
  • 24/7 WIFI transmission,
  • Unlimited number of devices,
  • Long distance connection.

Portable WIFI transmitter

Use 3G or 4G SIM to broadcast usb WIFI module to other devices. As long as you are within the network coverage area, users can connect to WIFI comfortably and conveniently when working outdoors, not fixed.

Advantages of Portable WIFI transmitter:

  • Compact design, not bulky, no power required, only rechargeable batteries, or backup batteries, can be taken anywhere.
  • Stable WIFI speed, can surf the web, play games, watch movies online everywhere.
  • Share WIFI to multiple devices without affecting WIFI signal speed.
  • Some portable transmitters have an additional power bank function.
  • Cons: Operation time is only about 8-10 hours.

Reasons to use a portable WIFI module

With the above advantages, it is necessary for you to choose a portable usb WIFI module transmitter for long trips and business trips. It ensures work progress, as well as entertainment needs.

On the market, there are many different types of mobile WIFI module transmitters to fully meet the needs of users. It is available with good capacity, high battery life to ensure stability when in use. Compared to turning the phone into a WIFI hotspot. The WIFI module is much more economical, not draining the battery as quickly as on the phone.

Which portable usb WIFI module transmitter is best?

There are different types of portable WIFI modules so choosing can be a bit difficult. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to be able to decide which is the best portable WIFI module for you.

Lock or unlock to a network?

Whatever player you plan to choose, it's best to choose an unlocked one. This means you can use any SIM card inside. If it's locked to a network, you'll be restricted from using one company's data rates. It means you won't be able to choose the best deal at the destination you're going to.

Portable WIFI Battery life

You can easily charge your portable usb WIFI module hotspot (average battery life is usually around 6 hours), however. If you plan to be online a lot and don't have easy access to charging devices. There is a Some WIFI module transmitters have a huge battery capacity like Huawei E5785 Mobile WIFI. They have almost twice the battery of other devices.

USB WIFI Module 2022

4G+ hotspots Internet speed

4G+ hotspots are the fastest option you can get; these will give you download speeds of up to 300mbps! SKW92A is the fastest device on the market so far.

In addition, 4G usb WIFI module transmitters will be a bit cheaper and also much faster than 3G routers, although 4G and 4G + are not available everywhere. Can you get 4G signal where you are going to travel? Is the SIM you intend to use in the device 4G or 3G? The good news is, if you have a 4G portable WIFI hotspot, you can use the internal 3G SIM.

How many devices do you want to connect?

Firstly, the average mobile WIFI transmitter can connect up to 10 devices, but SKW92A can connect up to 32 devices. Secondly, if you are traveling with your family or on a business trip with colleagues, you may want to connect more than 10 devices. However, if you just want to get online from your laptop, a USB dongle should suffice.

Additional functions of WIFI transmitter

Thirdly, some portable usb WIFI module devices have the ability to multi-task more than others, saving you from carrying unnecessary items when traveling, for example, Huawei E5785 4G WIFI Hotspot is a 4G WIFI hotspot that can act as a backup battery, allowing you to charge all your devices from there.

Many mobile hotspots are also capable of sending and receiving SMS messages, and have a MicroSD card slot so you can store your files on it.

Hotspots with an Ethernet port

Depending on where you're traveling, sometimes the Internet is only available via usb WIFI module or an Ethernet cable, which means you can only get online from your laptop. Therefore, a router like Mobile WIFI is quite useful as it is one of the few hotspots with an Ethernet port. This is especially helpful if you stay in multiple hotels.

Price meets your needs

In conclusion, the prices of mobile hotspots range widely, from low-end budget 3G hotspots to higher end multifunction hotspots. Make sure you go through this list to make sure the broadcast equipment you decide to buy meets your needs.