How to Use 4g Module WIFI Module to Desire?

2022-02-01/ By Admin

To keep internet connection for devices when going out, there is no more convenient way than to own a 4G sim card and 4g module WIFI module. Then, you can access high-speed internet anytime, anywhere.

Which 4G WIFI module should I buy, good signal?

However, to buy a good, affordable 4G WIFI module, you will have to spend a lot of time choosing. Because on the market there are many types of 4G WIFI modules of many brands with different prices.

So that you don't waste time weighing and measuring which 4G WIFI module is the best, this article will give you some information so you can answer questions such as:

  • What is a 4G WIFI router?
  • What types of 4G WIFI modules are there?
  • How to choose a reasonable 4G WIFI module?
  • Which 4G WIFI module is the best today?

OK! Let's start with the details.

4g Module WIFI Module

What is a 4g module WIFI module?

4G WIFI module is a portable WIFI module for electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs with just one sim card registered for a dedicated 4G network.

This device allows users to actively access the internet anywhere, anytime, very suitable for business or travel. The old rated 4G WIFI module is the perfect combination between today's latest 4G technology and WIFI broadcasting technology.

How 4G WIFI module works

Basically, the nature of the 4G router's WIFI network is not different from the WIFI broadcast from other modem router devices.

The biggest difference comes from the source of the network used, instead of using a traditional wired network, the 4g module WIFI module uses 4G sim cards of network carriers on the market.

4G WIFI module broadcast WIFI from 4G sim

Thus, in order for the 4G WIFI module to emit WIFI and access the internet, you need to have a 3G sim or a 4G sim that can access the internet. The 4G WIFI module works independently, relying on its power source on the rechargeable battery.

Advantages and Defects of USB WIFI 4G

  • Compact design
  • The power folding source is a USB 2.0. plug
  • Is a versatile USB, both capable of storing and having the ability to broadcast WIFI
  • 4g module WIFI module has Cheaper price than 4G WIFI module
  • Suitable for people with low usage needs
  • Poor transmission speed
  • Can't work independently

Advantages and Defects of 4G WIFI router

  • Designed like a traditional modem router
  • Stable transmission speed
  • The ability to receive and broadcast continuously
  • Simultaneous use of 4G sim or wireless network
  • Mobility is not great due to the need to use a fixed power supply.

Why is the number of people using 4g module WIFI module increasing?

Walking around on reputable e-commerce sites, you will notice that the number of orders for 4G WIFI module products is quite large. Why are they so popular?

This is a question not only for you but also for many other consumers. The following summaries should explain this to you:

Advantages of 4g module WIFI

  • Support sim cards of many domestic and foreign carriers.
  • Using a dedicated 4G sim card with a faster and more stable access speed than the 4G function on mobile phones, allowing users to access anytime, anywhere without rapidly draining battery or overheating.
  • Multiple devices can be connected at the same time. With a hotspot, some 4g module WIFI module for up to 10 devices connect.
  • The connection range is as large as a regular modem router.
  • Wireless design, compact, convenient to carry on business trips, outings or travel.
  • Separate management software helps users control speed, used and remaining access.

Cost savings high-speed internet

If you use mobile data on your phone, you will have to spend a good amount of money per month. But with that money, you can access high-speed internet comfortably every day.

There are many prices from expensive to cheap, suitable for a variety of consumers.

  • The battery capacity of the WIFI module is usually not very large, so if you use it for a long time, you will need a backup battery.
  • Experience choosing the best 4g module WIFI module

4g Module WIFI Module 2022 

Evaluate user needs

Talking about usage needs, it can be affirmed that you do not always need a 4G WIFI module. But it will really promote the "benefit" when you fall into a situation where you are in need of a network but suddenly "lose your life" or when you have to frequently move to a place where there is no internet access point at all.

So, whether your usage needs are more or less, you should still consider owning a 4g module WIFI module with you. Because, in the current 4.0 technology era, the internet is an indispensable part of daily life.

As for me, when in the city, I rarely use this WIFI module. But every time I go out or go home, I always have to carry a 4G WIFI router to be able to access Facebook and surf the web.

Product design of 4G WIFI module

For many people, the design is not very important, but for a mobile device, the design of the 4G WIFI module must meet 3 factors: small - compact - convenient to carry.


4G WIFI module with many compact designs

And of course, you also don't ignore the first impressions of the 4g module WIFI module form such as color, design details, whether the material is impact resistant or not, how is the heat dissipation ....

You are the user, the product belongs to you, so you have the right to choose the product that you like the most, the most beautiful.

Product Features

Product features are often shown on data about specifications, always printed directly on the packaging or accompanying instructions. But not everyone is knowledgeable enough to interpret all the numbers there.

The larger Battery capacity

In simple terms, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the usage time. But how big is it?

Currently on the market, 4g module WIFI module usually have a battery capacity of 1500 mAh - 2000 mAh with a continuous use time of about 6-8 hours. Some products have a huge capacity of up to 10000 mAh allowing 16 hours of continuous use.

Please consider your needs and time to make the right decision.