Take Advantage of Wireless Wifi Module - Read These 10 Tips

2022-02-01/ By Admin

In the article below, we will help you learn about wireless wifi module as well as functions and notes when choosing a standard wifi module!

What is a wifi modem?

Sometimes in the process of using the internet, you will often wonder what is a wifi module? Is it any different from wifi routers or normal modems? What is function? All will be answered in the article below!

Table of contents

  • What is a wifi module?
  • Function of wifi module
  • Function
  • Structure
  • Notes when choosing wifi module

What is a wireless wifi module?

A Wi-Fi modem is a single device that combines the functions of a modem and a router (router), making it a single point to connect to the Internet. Another term for this device is an input port. Basically, it has the function of translating Internet data packets through the modem and sending it wirelessly to the devices in your home through the router.

Wireless Wifi Module

Commonly network device

It can also send data back to the Internet like when you send an email, text, video or photo. This is a network device commonly used in households, offices, hospitals, etc.

The "departments" of the carrier's Wi-Fi, directly plugged into the optical cable are the wireless wifi module. As for the Wi-Fi transmitters you buy that can only plug in the Ethernet network port, if you can't plug in the optical cable, it is usually just a Router.

Function of wifi module

If you understand what a modem is and what a router is, you certainly understand what a Wifi module is. It will play two roles: modulation and demodulation of the signal (modem) combined with the function of directing wired and wireless network signals (Wifi router).

Above is a typical network model. wireless wifi module will integrate Modem + Router into a single device.

What's the difference between wifi module and wifi router?

Wifi module and wifi router are two devices that confuse users a lot nowadays. However, through the following outstanding differences will help you distinguish these two smart devices:

Functions of Wifi module and Wifi Router

Wifi module: It connects directly to the signal of the network operator (via fiber optic cable, telephone cable ...) and broadcasts Wi-Fi to terminal devices

Wifi Router: This is a gateway to share Internet connection for devices such as Laptop, mobile phone and tablet. It depends on a modem to be able to connect to the Internet, if it only has a router, it can only create a LAN (intranet).

Structure of a wireless wifi module

In terms of form, there is little difference, except that the wireless wifi module needs a port to connect to the network signal (optical cable, telephone cable ...), and the router only has an Ethernet port (in, out).

Currently, many carriers often integrate both functions into a single device to save costs. But often such devices have a rather limited ability to broadcast Wifi. To make the most of your network bandwidth, you should buy a Wifi router ac or preferably ax (Wifi 6).

Notes when choosing wifi module

Besides the cost issue, when choosing a wifi module you also need to pay attention to the following factors:

Bands: Currently, there are 2 types of popular bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Currently, most devices have 5GHz band to take advantage of large bandwidth, but carrier wifi modules sometimes only support 2.4GHz. That is also the reason you should buy a separate wireless wifi module.

Supported standards: Wifi includes a/b/g/n/ac/ax standards, the latest is ax (6th generation), modems that support the new standard are mostly backward compatible with the old standard.

Wireless Wifi Module 2022

Compatibility with other devices:

Currently, most Wifi modules are improved to be able to work stably and effectively on most electronic devices.

Broadcast range: During the selection process, you should pay attention to choose wifi module lines with far and strong broadcast.

Unsafe and extremely vulnerable

There are different types of security, but WPA2 is the newest and most secure version of encryption. It is advisable to limit the selection of wireless wifi module that only support WEP because this mode is now outdated and unsafe and extremely vulnerable.

Wifi module is also known as router or signal transmission transceiver. Or to be more precise, it is a signal wave modulator going in and out from the signal provider to the device using the network and vice versa. It has the function of encoding the signal for transmission and decoding at the terminal.

External structure of wireless wifi module

Wifi router from the outside looks very simply. It includes ports for connecting to electricity, connecting devices and some specialized buttons. Common for modems that people are using have external structures including:

+ Power plug – power button.

This is the place to provide electricity for your home wifi device to work. It is usually in the form of a circular gate. Plug it in directly with an adapter that matches the modem. Round contacts and negative hole for plugging match the power hole design. Next to it can be placed an additional push button as the power on and off switch when needed.

When you want to turn off the power for this wireless wifi module, you can unplug it or press it off at the above power button.

Wifi module configuration

All your settings so far for wifi module will be erased when you press the reset button. That's the button for you to return the device to its original state. So if you don't know, don't press this button. Because when you want to use it again, you need to install it to match the transmission parameters you are provided with.

Unsafe and extremely vulnerable

The structure of the wifi module does not only use the entire wireless signal broadcast. But it still unsafe and extremely vulnerable to serve many different purposes. In it, we are most interested in the LAN port. What is a LAN port and what network devices does it connect to?

Above is a summary of information related to wireless wifi module that you may not know. Hopefully, through this article on how to use wifi, it will help you to grasp the information and use the device effectively! Good luck!