Significant features of smart elderly care and service advantages of smart elderly care solutions

2024-07-04/ By Admin

Smart elderly care utilizes advanced information technology, such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., to provide more convenient, efficient, and personalized elderly care services for the elderly. The emergence of smart elderly care has greatly improved the quality of life and safety of the elderly, allowing them to enjoy their later years more comfortably and with peace of mind.

Significant features of smart elderly care

1. Intelligent health monitoring

For example, real-time monitoring of physiological indicators of the elderly, such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, etc., can be achieved through devices such as smart wristbands and smart mattresses. Once abnormalities occur, alerts can be promptly sent to medical staff and family members.

Like some intelligent blood glucose meters, they can automatically record blood glucose data and upload it to the cloud, making it convenient for doctors to diagnose remotely.

2. Convenient life services

Elderly people can easily book household services, order meals, shop, and more through smartphones or smart voice assistants.

For example, just say "I want to clean the room" at home, and the intelligent system can automatically contact the home service personnel to come to the door.

3. Personalized entertainment and socializing

Based on the interests and hobbies of the elderly, recommend suitable movies, music, books, etc.

By utilizing video call technology, elderly people can stay in touch with distant family and friends at any time, reducing their sense of loneliness.

4. Efficient emergency rescue

When elderly people encounter emergency situations, such as falls or sudden illnesses, they only need to press the emergency button, and the system can quickly locate and notify relevant rescue personnel.

Advantages of Smart Elderly Care Solution Services

1. Assist in intelligent management

Building a digital and intelligent elderly care system based on IoT technology; Capable of both software and hardware research and development, as well as integration, to assist in the intelligent operation of elderly care institutions.

2. Platform docking capability

It can be integrated quickly with district level smart elderly care service platforms and enterprise level financial software, and can be further developed according to actual needs.

3. Full support capability for implementation and installation

Years of experience in intelligent services, providing professional technical implementation and intelligent installation landing.

4. Scalable and Croppable

Decompose and reassemble subsystems in a modular manner, reserve external interfaces, integrate existing information systems, and meet diverse customer needs.

5. Massive data processing capability

Self built cloud computing platform, mature big data analysis and cloud computing technology, assisting cloud services in providing REST style APIs and multi end calls, achieving multi end interoperability such as web and app ends.

6. Strong stability

Based on the development experience of telecom level operation platforms, the system has strong stability.

7. Resource allocation capability

Private deployment can be provided, and different resources can be configured according to project requirements, including CPU, memory, storage, etc.

8. Rich resources of health and wellness services

A stable large brand cooperative supplier, providing comprehensive health and wellness extension services.