How long does the UWB tag stand by and what is the VDU1511 UWB tag

2024-07-05/ By Admin

VDU1511 is a positioning card based on UWB (ultra wide band) technology. The main control chip usesNRF52832 to control the receiving and transmission of UWB signals. DW1000 positioning chip canrealize high precision positioning based on UWB TDOA (arrival time difference) by burning differentfirmware and cooperating with different UWB positioning base stations.


The UWB Tag built-in acceleration sensorcan intelligently switch the positioning frequency of moving and stationary personnel to optimize thepower consumption. The card has the SOS button for help function, which can realize the positioning ofpersonnel in nursing homes and other security monitoring occasions.

How long does VDU1511uwb Tag stand by

VDU1511 has a charging time of about 2 months (1Hz positioning) and a battery capacity of 750mAh. Charging method: Connect one end of the matching charging cable to a 5V DC power adapter, and the other end to a magnetic charging interface socket. The red light starts flashing at a frequency of 1 second, indicating that it is charging. When the blue light comes on, it indicates that it is fully charged. After removing the charger, the blue light goes out.

VDU1511uwb Tag parameters

◆ Motion refresh rate 10Hz (default, modifiable)

◆ Static refresh rate 1Hz (default, modifiable)

◆ Power consumption standby 50uA, positioning transmission 150mA

◆ Positioning distance 25~50M

◆ Positioning accuracy reaches 10cm

◆ Product size 80 * 60 * 8mm

◆ Frequency range: 3774~4243.2MHz

◆ Supported channels: ch1-5

◆ Protocol standard: IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB